Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th Fun

The Fourth has become a week long event for us the last few years. It starts a week in advance with Matt helping our church set up and work one of the 3 tents our church runs to raise money for our youth. He has a great time and the kids and I had a great time visiting the tent each night for a shaved ice!! Emma and I varied our flavors, but Aidan didn't care so long as it was "BLUE". Each year in the past we have attended the town's 4th of July parade, but I couldn't resist the offer from the in-laws to take the kids for Friday night!! Next year...

Aidan and I ran to the store Friday afternoon to purchase some various items for my contribution to the annual Stout 4th Celebration. I settled on BLT Pasta Salad (I personally have a thing against cold noodles...but it's not all about me!) and a big bunch of mixed fruit. Aidan, who recently fell in love with grapes, got BIG eyed as we rounded the area of produce with the huge display of watermelon. With big eyes he says "BIG GRAPES!! Big, Big, grapes!!". So CUTE he is!! When we got home he was very excited to show daddy the "big grape".

Here he is sitting on his Big Grape.

The kids stayed the night with Grandma & Papa the night before. By the time we arrived they were already lil' fishes in the pool. Aidan sporting his "glasses" and Emma was a poser the whole day. Here's one with the inter tube.

Aidan when told it was time
to get out of the pool...

Here's our children enjoying lighting money on fire fireworks. Emma was super excited to get this pink backpack full of goodies for little ones...even if it did have a scantly clad "Brittney" look alike on the front. Below is NOT Emma lighting a bottle rocket...afterall we live in KS and that would be illegal.

Aidan did SUPER well with fireworks considering how the week started. He was beyond terrified, but with daddy & papa around he did a great job and quickly learned he could just cover his ears if he didn't like the noise.

Miss Independence

Miss & Mister Independence...to think we'll have a new lil' firecracker next year!!

The only proof that I was actually there. Aidan & I enjoying the fireworks show!


thepartridgefamily said...

Fun times. Love the BIG grape Aidan picked out. Emma looks so grown up. And I look forward to meeting your new firework. :) Glad you had a good week of the 4th.

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