Thursday, August 20, 2009

My Princess as a Pupil

Our Princess of the house became a full time pupil today! After parent orientation last Thursday and an hour of testing on Tuesday El Paso Elementary was ready for Emma! She was very excited and was quick to wake with her new pink alarm clock. (We'll see how long that lasts!!) Here's some shots of the day:

Drive to school! Wasn't it yesterday we were driving HER home from the hospital!! She chose for mommy to walk her in and Daddy pick her up. I think daddy was having the hardest time letting her go!

Quick shot of her working. She did as I expected which was head to her desk and begin working all the while looking at me and a few of the other moms standing around like "why are you standing there. leave." I probably would have gotten emotional (did my share of that the day prior), but I was consoling my friend Anna who was dropping off her little girl, Emma's friend Avery (the blonde in the photo). I decided I best leave since there was no reason for me to continue standing around. You know a good reason like my child who will miss me dearly and therefore clinging to my leg begging me not to go. Nope. Not my Miss Independence!

So here's the shot of the 2 who struggled most with the day! Luckily we had lots to keep us busy. Isaac had his first Dr. appt and then his first photo appt. A nice lunch sandwiched between the two appointments kept us from dwelling. Aidan on the other hand had an awful day. If a photo could have done justice of the fits he threw today I would have taken some, but video was the only way to get the real feel for how he felt about sissy being gone! Poor lil' guy has never been alone!! Isaac just isn't the entertainment he hoped for!

I had told Emma she could pick what we had for dinner tonight since it was her special day. She chose "make your own pizza". The kids and I think even Matt enjoyed the making of dinner.

Poor Isaac had been run ragged today! He slept through the prep and consumption of dinner! Which made the whole experience more enjoyable!!

That's our day in a nutshell. Come next week I think I'll be quite relieved that Emma is gone. It'll
guarantee me a nap each day as Aidan and Isaac are good afternoon nappers!! I do think it'll take a toll middle of next week on Emma. She has Thurs & Fri of this week to break her in. She was a bit frustrated that she couldn't remember her teachers name. I assured her that was ok since we didn't even find out who her teacher was until we walked in the door this AM! Mommy was frustrated by that too! She loved the school lunch today which was actually breakfast. She was super excited about little smokies!?!? She said her favorite part today was making the craft (a coloring booklet about the color red) and singing. I guess I hadn't mentioned that she would have music class. She was supppppper excited about that! I feel very blessed that she had a teacher that goes to our church and has 2 children from our church in her class. One thing I'm trying to be ok with (as a mommy) well make that two things. One, no nap. I know a nap time for the whole year is not necessary, but maybe a quiet time or something the first semester or even 9 weeks. Two, she is in a class in which the teachers job share. One teacher in the AM and a different in the PM. I know kids handle change well, but the consistency freak in me thinks that might be a bit much for Kindergartners.
All in all I'm pushing away the feeling that the school is stealing my child from me. The panic that the time with her home went so quickly and the guilt and regret I feel for the things we didn't do will hopefully teach me to cherish even more the time I have with the boys the school system hasn't stole from me yet! ;)


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