Thursday, November 19, 2009

Marshmallows + Hot Glue = Igloo

Igloo making.  Who’d have thought it could be so competitive of a sport?  It all started with Emma’s show and tell for the week.  The letter “I”, the short sound to be exact.  She told me she wanted to take an igloo…so instead of having her draw a picture or print one off the internet I thought “WE can make an igloo”.  Building materials- Marshmallows, Hot glue and scrap of cardboard.

Matt purchased the supplies brought them home and disappeared into man land to watch the KU game.  When he emerged at half time he gave my igloo a look over and offered to make one too.  Excuuuuuuuse me?  Mine’s not good enough?  Sure honey…go for it.  Glue gun hot and ready.  Bag of “mellows” open. Game on with this igloo competition.

Here’s the results…

Igloo #1-

igloo making (9)

Construction process of Igloo #2-

Matt’s intense concentration (I think the Hanna Montana sticker he’s sporting gave him the advantage!!)

igloo making (22)

Aidan assisted in consuming the building supplies.  Some with hot glue on them! Yuck!

igloo making (7) 

Emma gave up by 9:15.

igloo making (12)

Matt and Aidan held out until completion of igloo #2.

igloo making (8) 

Here’s a close up…igloo making (18) igloo making (23)

Seriously? Who has time for that?  You can guess what igloo builder was also watching 3 kiddos during the building process! ;)

I gladly handed him the title of “school project maker”.  Little does he know ALL the dioramas, projects and reports he has ahead of him!


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