Thursday, October 20, 2011

The only thing missing…

is her chance to have the mic and thank the academy & her mother and father for their support. We’ve always assumed the day will come where Emma’s dramatics lead to an Academy award. For the time being her citizenship awards will have to do. :)

This one made us chuckle.  In kindergarten she earned the first girl citizenship award where they focused on Respect.  It was humorous to us b/c from her first day of Kindergarten she came home knowing more than ANYone.  We often struggled with her attitude & “respect” at home, yet she was a great student.

10.09 Kind. award 

Then came the first 9 weeks assembly at her new school in AZ.  We went to the assembly unaware she was receiving anything and unaware they even had citizenship awards each quarter.  She received the “Tigress” (girl) citizenship award the 1st & 4th quarters. She LOVED Mr. Dooen.

E & mr D

That brings us to this year.  On the way to school Wednesday she tells me “Yea.  I’ll get the Tigress award.  I always do.” (can you say humility?!?)  I think OH NO she might be in for some disappointment b/c I just assumed some other little girl would receive it. I mean what are the odds she’d get it again. I prepped her that she may not as it is very hard as a teacher to chose just one student when you have several great ones.

Then comes the assembly.  All students lined up and they step forward as their name is called.  She received honor roll.  Good deal.  The teacher names the “Tiger” (boy) citizenship award and then I look at Emma as she is raising  her foot high to take a big step forward.  Even swinging her arm up in anticipation of taking a step. 

I’m thinking oh-my-word!!! That’s kind of persumpchious!!!  Then the teacher calls her name!!! She of course has a huge smile on her face.  Unfortunately I was taming our 2 year old monkey and didn’t get a good shot and super sad didn’t get video of her antics.

Emma awards  

I later learned the teacher had told her prior to the assembly she was receiving it…so that explains the full-body step forward!! :)

Kinda worried about next year…at some point this streak might end…


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