Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homework Station

I found this idea here on Family Fun and thought it was pretty cool.  I knew my “teacher” playing Emma would like it for playing and thought it might bring some excitement to studying and doing homework.  And most importantly I hope it serves as a visual to 3 yr old Aidan that it is Emma’s work time & a reminder to not interrupt if I am helping her. We’ll see if any of this proves true.

Here’s the naked station.

I used 2 sheets of foam board.  The sides are 12”wide and the center is 24”.


I created (approx. 2”) “hinges” attached with packing tape so the station can have thicker/3 dimensional items on it and still fold.

DSC06130DSC06119   DSC06127

*See the end of the post on how I’d construct it differently next time.

Here it is all jazzed up with help from my Cricut, printer & assistance from my creative & artistic 6 year old! :)

Wow.  It looks kinda huge in this picture.


The middle has a “dry erase” area to keep notes. (paper in a clear page protector) I attached a marker using velcro.  There’s a print off of correct letter formation for my sloppy writing girl.  A command adhesive hook to hold her phonogram flashcards. (against the teaching of her teacher!!) And using mini clothespins I attached her current word list to a piece of colored cardstock.


On the left side is a 100’s chart, ruler attached with velcro, scissors held on by a magnet and then a binder clip holds a place value chart, number line, flashcards and any other manipulatives we need.


On the right is a United States and World map for my geography loving girl.  Below that is a pocket that holds her “God Time Card” from Sunday School.  Each day has scripture reading and an activity.  Points are awarded if returned complete.


So, here it is set and ready at her spot at the bar.  We will see if it succeeds at inspiring her and keeping away the brothers. :)


We are making a caddy to hold pencils, markers, crayons and other supplies.  Pictures of that will follow shortly. :)

* If I made one of these again I would use a tri-fold cardboard “science fair” display board.  They were out when I was shopping and too impatient to wait. :)  Using cardboard you could score another fold line rather than messing with cutting the foam board and hassling with packing tape!! :)  Just my 2 cents!


Kristina said...

WOOT WOOT! Love the Kim Sutton Place Value Pocket!!! Do you have her fabulous dice?!

Anonymous said...

sooooo going to make these for my kids. they had the science fair cardboards at the dollar tree!!!

Cynthia said...

I did this covered in Velcro fabric and attach pouches to it. People loved it when I took it scrapbooking that we got them manufactured. Check them out! www.craftngo.com The Craft-N-Go Facebook page shows the different uses for them! We call them "Trifold-N-Go" :)

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