Sunday, April 19, 2009


Hi! Welcome to my blog! I created this blog to keep record of those memorable moments in life, that you think you'll never forget, but do! This blog is also to help me gain or perhaps simply hold on to what sanity I have remaining in my crazy life trying to balance too much and hold on to everything instead of letting it go to the ONE always ready to help me! I wish I could journal in the traditional sense with my favorite pen and pretty journal, but when my mind races and I need to pound out my thoughts on a keyboard, often with typos- so grammatical freaks look away!

A bit about me and some of the "hats" I wear - God lovin' mom to 3, 2 running around and another one making me round!, wife to a wonderful Christian man, daughter, sister to 2, aunt to 11, blessed friend of many, Sunday School teacher, former Elementary School teacher, Daycare Provider, MOPS leader, and so on! There are days I get bogged down and lose the eternal focus I should keep, so bear with me if you choose to follow my journey!


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