Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stout Summary 11/15-11/21

Monday: Took Matt to the airport in the evening for an over night trip to Tulsa. Was cute to hear Emma singing songs for her Christmas program on they way home.

Emma announced she had been moved to a new reading group.  Very proud of the work she’s been doing.  She loves to read and loves to write book reports even more!

 Tuesday: While waiting to see a Dr. for Isaac’s nasty nose a woman strikes up conversation with blabber mouth Aidan. It went like this:

Woman: “Hi how are you?  Is that your brother?”

Aidan: “Yes.  It’s Isaac. My Mommy is going to go to a Dr to see about another baby”. 

I can indeed say that is false info.  If I need an OB Matt will need a cardiologist.


Wed: The princesses got pampered today.  Cracker at his new groomer/boarder and Emma by my stylist Niki.  Emma’s still on the hopeless mission to have 78loooong hair.

Thurs: Dog to the vet.  I love taking my kids to the vet.  It is by far the most well behaved you will ever see them.  I’m sure it’s because they are completely terrified of all 4 legged animals and paralyzed with fear decided to be well behaved obedient children after all these years of molding them.  Like angels they stay near my side, quiet and never go out of my reach.

Aidan added a new trick to coming in our room in the middle of the night… In addition to the pitter patter of little feet he now FLIPS on the light!!! Wham…12:15 am and the top light is ON!!!! Hellllllllo Aidan!  He has been very out of sorts with his sleeping all week.  Waking multiple times very disoriented which equates to a FUSSY, naughty boy all day.

Matt and I had a nice long talk.  Lots on my mind that has been building since the craziness of the move.  Suppose I had bottled a lot of it up.  Seems safer than the Hoover dam of emotions breaking.  Still don’t exactly have the words to express the ride my emotions take from day to day.


Friday: Aidan proposed to me.  It was cute so I accepted.  Not sure Matt was impressed. Fast forward to the evening where he was mad and thus informed me “I not going marwie you MOM!”.

Had Thanksgiving dinner at school with Emma.  Great chance to meet her classmates she talks about and visit with her teacher.  The turkey was pretty good too! :)

Aidan refusing to get in the car while running errands b/c he needed a wrench to work on the fire hydrant.

Boys got hair cuts.  Isaac did the best he ever had.  He sat soo still.  Then there’s Aidan.  We got a cut that “fit” his personality this week…


Saturday: Lots of cleaning in the AM, bug guy came so then we had to vacate for lunch (shucks!! :) )  Went into town for lunch and some good ole QT gas for the truck.  I cleaned in my scrappin’ room in the afternoon.

Isaac has great fun wearing everyone’s flip flops.  Here he is in Daddy’s. :)  It’s amazing how good he gets around in them!


Sunday:  Church.  Chiefs beat the AZ Cardinals. Just affirming KS is still better than AZ! :)  It’s 69 and rainy so I guess that should probably get me in the holiday decorating “mood”.  Should be finishing packing for the big trip!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Encounter with ANOTHER AZ critter

So I wake in the night to the sound of “Yap-yap-yap” then “arararhoooooooooooooooooooooooo” then another “yap-yap-yap” followed with another “arararhoooooooooooooo”. VERY CLOSE if not IN our back yard.


In a sleepy fog a MILLION things go through my mind “Oh NO is Cracker inside?  Did I accidentally go to bed and leave him out? Great he’s going to die at the paws of coyotes the VERY animal my children are T.E.R.R.I.F.I.E.D of!!! How am I going to explain this?  They are never going to want to go outside ever again! Aidan is already scared to eat supper in the kitchen when it’s dark out.  Now this!! So glad none of them are in our bedroom to hear the attack!!”

I SPRING outta bed dashing for the nearest light switch HOPING to step on the dog as I usually do when exiting bed in the night.  I figure stepping on him inside is better than him getting dismembered by coyotes in the backyard.

The howling and yapping continue. I flip on one of the bathroom lights throw myself to the floor to search under the bed. No Cracker.  I run back to my side of the bed to look out the window as if watching the dog being attacked will help?!?!  It’s then I realize that the dog is on my side between the bed and bed side table looking up at me like “What’s your deal lady?”.

Whew.  Sigh of relief. No dismembered dog.

It’s THEN…..then people…..AFTER what felt like hours of stress and torment that Matt rolls over and says “What’s wrong?”

Really?  Weird thing is once I turn out the light and attempt to go back to bed the sounds totally stop. DEAD silence. Then in comes Emma my first bedside begger of the night. Sweet dreams all.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Homework Station

I found this idea here on Family Fun and thought it was pretty cool.  I knew my “teacher” playing Emma would like it for playing and thought it might bring some excitement to studying and doing homework.  And most importantly I hope it serves as a visual to 3 yr old Aidan that it is Emma’s work time & a reminder to not interrupt if I am helping her. We’ll see if any of this proves true.

Here’s the naked station.

I used 2 sheets of foam board.  The sides are 12”wide and the center is 24”.


I created (approx. 2”) “hinges” attached with packing tape so the station can have thicker/3 dimensional items on it and still fold.

DSC06130DSC06119   DSC06127

*See the end of the post on how I’d construct it differently next time.

Here it is all jazzed up with help from my Cricut, printer & assistance from my creative & artistic 6 year old! :)

Wow.  It looks kinda huge in this picture.


The middle has a “dry erase” area to keep notes. (paper in a clear page protector) I attached a marker using velcro.  There’s a print off of correct letter formation for my sloppy writing girl.  A command adhesive hook to hold her phonogram flashcards. (against the teaching of her teacher!!) And using mini clothespins I attached her current word list to a piece of colored cardstock.


On the left side is a 100’s chart, ruler attached with velcro, scissors held on by a magnet and then a binder clip holds a place value chart, number line, flashcards and any other manipulatives we need.


On the right is a United States and World map for my geography loving girl.  Below that is a pocket that holds her “God Time Card” from Sunday School.  Each day has scripture reading and an activity.  Points are awarded if returned complete.


So, here it is set and ready at her spot at the bar.  We will see if it succeeds at inspiring her and keeping away the brothers. :)


We are making a caddy to hold pencils, markers, crayons and other supplies.  Pictures of that will follow shortly. :)

* If I made one of these again I would use a tri-fold cardboard “science fair” display board.  They were out when I was shopping and too impatient to wait. :)  Using cardboard you could score another fold line rather than messing with cutting the foam board and hassling with packing tape!! :)  Just my 2 cents!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Stout Summary 11/8 – 11/14

Was a busy week of play dates.  Lots of playing and NO picking up.  So this week is mission pick up Emma’s room, but I digress.

Emma & Aaliyah had great fun playing for hours on Mon., Tues. & Wed. before the dreaded good-bye.


Tuesday I woke to find this friendly half-dead creature in my kitchen.  Poisonous you ask? Why yes! What isn’t deadly out here!?!


Wednesday was story time for the boys and I.  A whale made from a paper bag was the craft.  Aidan made his a shark/killer whale.  After story time we played at the park with coincidentally my hairdresser who happens to live near by and has a boy a bit older than Aidan and a girl a bit younger.  They had fun.

Thursday Emma didn’t have school so we headed out to the Veterans Day parade in Phoenix.  Believe it or not it was good times even with all 3 by myself :)


A lil’ project I’ve been working on for/with Emma all week.  Lots done on it Friday.  More details to come.


Friday morning the boys & I got an invite to meet a fellow Derby to Phoenix transplant and her 2 youngest at a gymnastics place that has open play time.  The boys had fun running, jumping and playing in the foam pit.  I must say Isaac is far more daring and outgoing than Aidan!!  That night was family movie night. Or daddy and older 2 movie night.  Isaac and I hung in my scrappin room working on the above project.

Saturday was BOY FREE shopping day!!! Emma and I spent most of the day out shopping…suppose to be for mommy, but each boy got new shoes, daddy & Aidan got new jeans, Emma 2 new shirts and a new night gown..zebra print of course.  I did find me some things, but will be even more excited to do so when my treadmill gets me in a shape that isn’t so round :)

Sunday after church daddy headed to the NASCAR race.  He had a great time and luckily the roaring of the engines did not lull him to sleep.  I was a bit worried that some innocent (drunken’) redneck next to him would not appreciate that!!

My adventurous climbing Isaac found two new areas of fun this week.  #1 was the dining room chair which VERY quickly became the dining room TABLE!!! GRR!  Then this was his version of a big boy recliner.  His booster in Daddy’s chair!! :)  He’s pretty sure he’s king of the castle.


Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veterans Day

Emma was out of school Thursday so I researched what Veterans Day events were held in the area. I found a parade in Phoeinx so off we went Thursday morning.

We got there in plenty of time but still didn’t get a front row seat, but our spot was a bit elevated so we could see over the heads of those around us.

Anxiously awaiting and the HUGE flag that began the parade.


A replica of a navy ship and most importantly MADER!!!


Our first ever parade with large balloons and an Aidan’s favorite!! Airplane!!  And “octopus” prime made an appearance. (for all you transformer fans!)


The infamous Sheriff Joe.  There were certainly more cheers for him than Boos. And the Boos were probably relatives of a tent livin’ pink dressin’ inmate.  Took a picture of the fire truck with bagpipe players for Daddy.  It would have been his fav. part of the parade.


Pretty sure this was an army nurse, but the kids were pretty sure she was Captain America girl…with the cape and all.


A shot of some sibling love.  Not really…it was a bunch of pushin’ shovin’ and “I caaaaaaan’t seeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” going on.  The purple heart balloon.  Great chance to tell of their last living Great Papa getting this award for getting injured in WWII.  He lost a lung.  Emma wanted to know where they put it.


When these big brown eyes say “I’m done in this stroller”….


You let him out only to realize that between you and sissy you can’t keep him contained. 


So an hour into the (2hour!!) parade you go where any nice mom goes..


I think what surprised me the most, but the kids were oblivious too were the protesters for groups “advertising” their “agendas”.  Anti war protesters at an event to honor those who serve??  I get their “support the soldier, not the war “idea, but really?!?!? Did you have to do it then?  That day? Groups holding rainbow flags rather than American flags.  There’s a time.  There’s a place, but in my opinion the veterans day parade to honor those who selflessly fight for our country is NOT the place to push your agenda. That’s just me.  My lil’ harebrained idea.

It was a great day and fun experience.  A nice diversion for Emma having said good-bye to her friend the night before.  Also the perfect time to discuss with the kids what a veteran is and how important the soldiers currently fighting are!!  Living in Derby near an AFB and getting to know many wives of men serving sheds light on what stress and sacrifice the families endure to give us the freedoms we often take for granted!       

I Quit!

That’s Aidan’s new saying.  When told he had to go take a bath and was throwing a fit I said “Aidan now. Get up there we’ll take a quick one” he responds with:

(arms folded across chest, chin up, lip out) “I QUIT!”

Me: “You quit? Quit what honey?”

Aidan: “Taking a bath.  I quit mommy.”

Then today on the way home from church.  Upset because they didn’t serve snack at Sunday school he was “Starrrrrrrrbing”.  We said we would stop closer to home to get some lunch.  He again said “I quit.”

Not sure where this exactly came from.  Matt’s response today was “There’s no quitting Aidan.”  Need I remind you he is in personnel training & hiring workers for QT? Pretty sure this comes from some QT leadership class Daddy’s developing. ;)

I on the other hand told him he was fired.  He giggled. “No mommy.  You can’t do that” :)

Here he is with his friend Jovanni that moved back to TX last week.  Their last night of playing together was the most peaceful (no biting, hitting, wrestling) they had ever played.  Legos & army men kept them entertained for over an hour!


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One of THOSE Days…

the kind of day God really wanted to display His sense of humor.

The kind of day where I had totally let go of the “kids will be kids, they grow quickly and I will someday miss them being this age” mentality.

I wanted no poopy pants. 

Children who could pour their own beverage without spilling it in the fridge and all over my floor. 

A day where kids understood that the car is NOT equipped with a beverage machine thus SCREAMING the whole way home b/c they are thirsty is pointless!

A day where a roll of TP stays in tack. 

Children who DON’T play chase and tag squealing like little girls non-stop despite my yelling stoooooooooooooop!

A day where placemats, rubbermaid, pots & pans are put away instead of drug out. 

Children who actually eat the food I prepare…or at least sit at the table for 1/16 of the time it took me to fix the meal.

To NOT have to stop 3 miles from home for small bladder boy to pee along side the road.

I was basically having the mini-melty. The consideration of running away upon Matt’s arrival home was very near. 

He walks in beaming with exciting news to share. *This* is when I am certain God starts chuckling.  Proof positive His timing is “perfect”.

He shares his news. I can instantly tell by the look on his face he was hoping for more excitement from me.  Poor guy wasn’t aware of my day OR my plans of running away. His grrreat news?? A free ticket to the hillbilly Nascar race on Sunday.

Sure honey!! I was just thinking earlier about how I needed more time alone with the kids and how you needed some time away!!!!!

No.  All joking aside I’m glad he has the opportunity to go to events he loves with the added bonus of not costing us!!  He’s been on fancy hunting trips, Football games, lake trips, private airplane rides to sporting events and now a race. 

It is pretty awesome…and even more awesome that I plan to take Saturday as a boy free shopping day for ME! I suppose I need to share that good news with him! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Isaac Cuteness

A bit of a hang-up.  He somehow got a hanger hooked in his diaper.  How does this even happen?!?!

10.28.10 Isaac hanger bottom (2) 10.28.10 Isaac hanger bottom

He’s the King of peek-a-boo. 


With mommy, with strangers while we’re out, this day with brother…

 DSC06069 DSC06070

Isaac is a lot like Emma- he can entertain himself for a long time and gets quite amused at himself.  Matt & I found him doing this the other night.

*turn down your volume so you don’t have to endure hearing me speak mommize*

Isaac also has his own language.  I call it “grunt”uguese.  His development of this language has nothing to do with his continued use of a pacci.  I promise. Here’s how it works…

“uh, uh, uh” (in short repetitive sound accompanied by him pointing his finger in the direction he wants you to go) means “come look at this, come look at what  I just did” Example…pooped in tub, knocked over box fan, pooped on floor, spilled milk, etc

“uhhhhhhh” (long and drawn out) means I want something.  Example…milk, pacci, mommy, book read, etc

“UHHHHHUHHHHH!” (loud and insistent) means I want it now or NOOOOO Example…desperate for pacci/milk/mommy, wants his brother off of him, sister to stop carrying him by his neck, etc

“mmmMMMM” (almost sung like a song) is what he “says” as he is following you to the fridge with his cup.

I’m afraid I might be the only living translator for the “grunt'”uguese language.  To bad it’s not a paying gig.

Monday, November 8, 2010

BFF “puffed” Animals

Emma and her friend Aaliyah used Emma’s stuffed animal stuffer/maker to make BFF “puffed” animals.  Emma chose a doll and Aaliyah a bear.  DSC06099DSC06100DSC06105

They even made paper hearts like they do at Build-a-Bear.


Such sweet girls.  We’re going to have as much play time as we can the next two days. Luckily they are leaving on Thursday.  Emma doesn’t have school that day.  We’ll have to find something fun to go do.


She tells me tonight “I’m going to miss the Stout’s & my dad.” Sweet thing.


Aidan felt a bit left out.  So he had fun after the girls were done.


And well, Isaac.  He learned to climb on a chair tonight.  And on the table. Let’s just say I wish some of that stuffing had been on the floor for his landing. Yikes.     

And for the record Emma has always called Stuffed animals PUFFED animals.  We think it’s super cute. I was a bit worried that Stuffed Animal day at school last week might make Emma realize she says it different, but she didn’t. Yay!  She loves puffed animals particularly small puffed animals.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

That’s Mrs. Hypocrite to you.

Hypocrite- Hey that’s me!!! A realization I came to as I sat down to tell Emma that her bestest friend she met our 2nd week here is moving.  The friend that lived 2 doors over and was always ready to play.  A friend that she spent allll school day with and then usually several hours each evening.  A sweet girl that I always enjoyed having in our home.  She has a very gentle & calm spirit.  I’ve never seen 2 little girls spend that much time together and cat fight sooo little! I will miss Emma’s semi-clean room  since I can no longer say “she can’t come over unless your room is clean”.

Our conversation (between sessions of holding her and crying) was filled with lies like these:

“It’s hard to leave a friend honey, but you’ll meet new friends.  You’re a sweet girl.  We’ll have to call up some of the other girls we’ve met at the park or that are in your class and take time to get to know them.”

“My heart hurts each day that I am away from my friends. It’ll be hard, but it will get better with time.”

“Don’t let this get you angry & grumpy about going to school.  I know it’s hard but we have to understand that God has a plan.  He brought her in your life for a reason and although we don’t understand why such a great friend is leaving we have to trust.”

“She will probably come back to visit her dad and when she does we will get to see her.  You two can have fun times then.”

Me = Liar Liar pants on fire.  It isn’t easy.  It’s hard to put yourself out there to meet others.  It takes a great deal of time, that I have yet to reach, where it get’s easy NOT having your friend near.  Not having that support and connection makes ya in a funk and it’s super hard to NOT let that seep into other areas creating a grumpy monster.  You will get to see her again, yet that time that should be fun is clouded with the fact that it will be far to short of a visit and lead to yet another good-bye.

For me it’s lunch dates, for you it’s play dates.  For me it’s a shoulder to lean on or a listening ear, for your it’s a partner to play your little “patty-cake, hand slappin” games with.  For me it’s late night talks in a quiet house of sleeping kiddos, for you it’s late night movie & slumber party.  For me it’s working along side a sister in Christ at church events, working and serving together, for you it’s sharing the excitement of taking your non-churched friend to a new exciting church. For me it’s the hug when I’m down & words of encouragement at just the right time, a fellow mother that understands, for your it’s having that friend who’s sick of playing with her little brother too who likes to play school, ride bikes & make silly videos singing silly songs.

I pray that she will be flooded with other sweet friends.  I pray that she will talk with me when she is hurting and work through her sadness.  Going to school has not been a fight this year, I pray that continues with Aaleiyah now absent each day.

And mostly I pray that as we go through the next few weeks or months that I will force myself to reach out just as I’m expecting my 6 yr old to do.

Ouch.  I’m convicted.  It hurts and bygolly I don’t like it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Misc. Octoberish Ramblings

- Aidan grounded me.  For buckling him in his car seat.  I will fully accept that grounding if it involves going to my room- alone. Gladly. :)

-You question the intelligence of those driving around you when you see a sign that states something Emma learned at 4 years old.

Red Means Stop.  Really??!!!



- This was actually heard in our house. Matt (to Aidan): “I do not want to see you play in that manner, especially when I heard your brother responding negatively”. Oh WOW!  We I laughed about that one all day!!! I think daddy spent too much time in KC business meetings writing policies & planning leadership classes for his employees!!! Bwhahaha!!

- The ENT said Isaac’s ears are the same, but he’s in no hurry to mess with the tube that is crusted.  His plan is to check him each month through the “winter or illness” season.  My quarterly deductible says “YUCK!”

- The other night I was on the phone with a friend catching up.  It was a bit after 9, but didn’t expect Isaac to be sleepy since he had napped from 4-6 pm.  I thought he was behind the couch playing in the toy room area.  It was awful quiet so I decided to look.  He wasn’t there.  I search the upstairs thinking maybe he had snuck up to pester sleeping sissy.  I check all rooms & closets.  No where.  I come back down stairs and check the only room left…the kitchen.  Here’s what I found…


Guess he loves the memory foam mat & the sound of a running dishwasher!


- Luckily after 2 1/2 weeks of being sick it sounds as though our niece Libby is on the mend and will hopefully be home from the hospital this weekend.  Poor lil’ girl got a form of food poisoning that lead to complications that had her in the PICU for over a week!  I can’t imagine having one of my kiddos sick like that!! 

The same day Libby was moved to the PICU and wrenched my heart to want to be closer to “home” I also got GRRRRRRRRRRRRreat news!!  My brother finally announced he has a girly friend!! Her name is Beth.  We of course had speculated that for some time, but for their own reasons waited until now to make it public.  Joy doesn’t begin to explain that news!!!  Again my heart hurts to be so far away for celebrations of great news too.

Then I get a call that my bestest friend’s husband would be having last minute/emergency surgery for severe pain in his arm due to an issue with a disc in his neck.  Oh my aching heart!!  I would have given my right arm to be able to be there with her!!

I’m trying my best to rest in the idea that we are here b/c we feel it is where God wanted us to be.  But man it is hard!  Life seemed so uneventful when we were in KS. Now all these instances where we could lend a helping hand or be there to support those we love and have helped us so much. 

- On a HOME note I’m am SUPER excited to be preparing for our trip back for Thanksgiving and then I just booked a week long trip in February!! Yay!!!

- Do you watch Glee?  If not, don’t.  It’s addictive. What’s not to love about a show with love stories, drama, song & dance. :)  And I’ll let the record state that MATT started watching it first!!!

- Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I’ve started my lists and think I might buy one of Emma’s gifts this week.  It’s on sale at Target. $15 off of a $35 item.  Not too bad!! I have tons of little ideas for Aidan.  Only 1 idea for Isaac.  Poor little guy.  Oh well.  He’d be excited to get the box his diapers come in!! :)

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick-Or-Treat. Smell my feet & give me my underwear?

Halloween 10

Our super hero’s were dressed and ready for CaNdY!! 

It was amazing the difference a year makes.  Emma Captain America Girl was much less fearful of others dressed in costumes this year!!  She was super excited (& has already eaten) her peanut butter cups she received!!


Aidan decided after about 5 houses that he was tired and ready to go home.  In Derby we would drive the kids to different houses around town.  Here we walked the circle around our part of the development.  Guess Iron Man needed more of his “power”. 

Luckily Aidan did not repeat his version of the “Trick or treat smell my feet” His version was a bit shorter and went like this “Trick or Treat give me my underwear.” :)


Isaac loved Trick or Treating!!  He also enjoyed his first wagon ride!DSC06027 DSC06041

He totally got the concept of “knock on door- get candy”. When our first neighbor didn’t answer he kept knocking and grunting pushing his bucket against their door! :)  He loved riding in the wagon with the buckets full of candy!!

DSC06045  DSC06054 

My flash makes this picture look weird.  It was super dark and the guys with the candy were sitting behind this guy dressed in black with a mask that had red glowing eyes.  As the kids walked passed to get candy he would stand up to startle them.  Emma and Aidan kinda jumped and were unsure.  Isaac didn’t care one bit.  He kept thrusting his bucket to the guy wanting the candy!!


We had a good time and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.  3 buckets full of candy…minus what Isaac kept handing to people in exchange for the candy they were handing out AND the candy he kept throwing out the wagon!!  One bright spot was at our very last house we met a woman who had a boy Aidan’s age (dressed as Bumblebee the transformer) and they boys clicked and played well while I visited with the mom.  They also have a little girl 2 weeks older than Isaac.  She kept trying to “talk” to Isaac, but he was totally missing the flirting she was doing!  The mother stays at home (for now…until Jan.) so hopefully we can get the kids together for some play dates that don’t involve Aidan getting beat up and bitten!!

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