Sunday, November 14, 2010

I Quit!

That’s Aidan’s new saying.  When told he had to go take a bath and was throwing a fit I said “Aidan now. Get up there we’ll take a quick one” he responds with:

(arms folded across chest, chin up, lip out) “I QUIT!”

Me: “You quit? Quit what honey?”

Aidan: “Taking a bath.  I quit mommy.”

Then today on the way home from church.  Upset because they didn’t serve snack at Sunday school he was “Starrrrrrrrbing”.  We said we would stop closer to home to get some lunch.  He again said “I quit.”

Not sure where this exactly came from.  Matt’s response today was “There’s no quitting Aidan.”  Need I remind you he is in personnel training & hiring workers for QT? Pretty sure this comes from some QT leadership class Daddy’s developing. ;)

I on the other hand told him he was fired.  He giggled. “No mommy.  You can’t do that” :)

Here he is with his friend Jovanni that moved back to TX last week.  Their last night of playing together was the most peaceful (no biting, hitting, wrestling) they had ever played.  Legos & army men kept them entertained for over an hour!



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