Monday, November 15, 2010

Stout Summary 11/8 – 11/14

Was a busy week of play dates.  Lots of playing and NO picking up.  So this week is mission pick up Emma’s room, but I digress.

Emma & Aaliyah had great fun playing for hours on Mon., Tues. & Wed. before the dreaded good-bye.


Tuesday I woke to find this friendly half-dead creature in my kitchen.  Poisonous you ask? Why yes! What isn’t deadly out here!?!


Wednesday was story time for the boys and I.  A whale made from a paper bag was the craft.  Aidan made his a shark/killer whale.  After story time we played at the park with coincidentally my hairdresser who happens to live near by and has a boy a bit older than Aidan and a girl a bit younger.  They had fun.

Thursday Emma didn’t have school so we headed out to the Veterans Day parade in Phoenix.  Believe it or not it was good times even with all 3 by myself :)


A lil’ project I’ve been working on for/with Emma all week.  Lots done on it Friday.  More details to come.


Friday morning the boys & I got an invite to meet a fellow Derby to Phoenix transplant and her 2 youngest at a gymnastics place that has open play time.  The boys had fun running, jumping and playing in the foam pit.  I must say Isaac is far more daring and outgoing than Aidan!!  That night was family movie night. Or daddy and older 2 movie night.  Isaac and I hung in my scrappin room working on the above project.

Saturday was BOY FREE shopping day!!! Emma and I spent most of the day out shopping…suppose to be for mommy, but each boy got new shoes, daddy & Aidan got new jeans, Emma 2 new shirts and a new night gown..zebra print of course.  I did find me some things, but will be even more excited to do so when my treadmill gets me in a shape that isn’t so round :)

Sunday after church daddy headed to the NASCAR race.  He had a great time and luckily the roaring of the engines did not lull him to sleep.  I was a bit worried that some innocent (drunken’) redneck next to him would not appreciate that!!

My adventurous climbing Isaac found two new areas of fun this week.  #1 was the dining room chair which VERY quickly became the dining room TABLE!!! GRR!  Then this was his version of a big boy recliner.  His booster in Daddy’s chair!! :)  He’s pretty sure he’s king of the castle.



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