Monday, November 1, 2010

Our Lil’ Tigress

Last Thursday a note came home from school, which is a near miracle itself, sharing that the 1st quarter award ceremony would be Friday morning.  Mimi & Papa were in town and we all decided to go cheer Emma on.

She received a certificate for Honor Roll as she got all A’s and 1 B.

And perhaps her teacher does know a thing or two because much to our delight she also received the girl citizenship award for her class.  The Tigress award to be exact.  It was so cute.  They called her name and she covered her face with both hands embarrassed to have everyone look at her!! :)

We got to thinking later in the day and remembered she got the Respect award last September in her Kindergarten class!! Yay! Go Emma!

Here’s Emma & her “” teacher.


*It is still up for debate if her teacher gave her this award to rub in to me how well she behaves at school and what a diva she is at home!! :)


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