Tuesday, October 26, 2010

LEGO Grand Opening

Matt learned of a LEGO event happening this past weekend at a mall in nearby Glendale.  A master LEGO builder was there constructing an 8ft tall Yoda to celebrate the opening of the malls new LEGO store.  The kids had a great time!!

Here’s a shot of the smaller Yoda that appears will be inside the larger 8 ft Yoda.


The instruction sheet to build a 4x brick that is a larger version of the basic small 8 “peg” lego.


Aidan so proud of his block!!


Emma’s block.


Handing the Master LEGO builder our blocks to add to the project.


Their Certificate as a LEGO builder.


Another LEGO creation they loved.  And here’s cutest.best.baby.shopper.ever.


We stepped away from the LEGO event to go into the Disney store.  When we came out the master builder was quizzing the crowd on Star Wars trivia.  Matt TOTALLY could have won…..won a Star Wars Lego kit!  He looked so sad to not be a part of the contest.  My teary Star Wars geek. :)

And one last note.  This is an actually traffic sign on our way to the mall.  If you have to count several times on the sign and then compare based on lines of car beside you to even know which lane you’re in- that’s a bad thing. :) Evidence #34 why I do not drive unless necessary. :)



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