Sunday, October 3, 2010

More Life Lessons…

Here’s what I learned this week…who knew this would be a weekly post!

- Mama wanted to do a Wizard of Oz costume theme this year.  How fun…missing KS and all.  I had planned a Dorothy, Scarecrow & Lion.  I easily could have played the tornado.  Kinda resembles me most days. Kids revolted.  We’re on a superhero theme now.

- Just when I thought the school drop off/pick up lane couldn’t get worse or more of a mess I go and b.u.m.p into the guy in front of me.  It of course couldn’t be an old jalopy like my own.  No, I roll into with high class folks here in AZ.

- Treadmill is now put together.  Time for the work to begin.  Hoping early AM will be my time, however most mornings I’ve had 2 kids in bed with me.  Hope me getting up and making noise doesn’t mess with their sleeping.  But Mama’s gotta do something. First of which is to prove daddy wrong by actually using the huge space taking device.

- I’ve never seen a 1 yr old so insistent on using a fork for all eating!  Isaac will try to eat, and only eat what he can get on his fork.  Sometimes I have to help him load it…if I do he will eat it.

- 100 degree weather ruins my attempts to bring a sense of fall to the house.  Fall wreath hanging on the door, some pumpkins, turkey dinner complete with stuffing & then homemade turkey & noodles don’t do the trick.  Next mission…carrot cake. We need to the cool temps to complete the fall theme.  Matt is hoping for temps under 95 for the annual QT picnic next week.

- According to the average temps online for our slice of desert heaven the Oct/Nov temp should get somewhere around 80 or even lower.  The moment it get’s 75 or lower I am making chili. :)

- Friday was entertaining.  Each boy got a puffy, slightly blackened eye.  We had one piece of broken glass, one piece broken pottery, had one pop can explode, one glass jar strawberry shattered on the floor.  Needless to say the floors are well swept and cleaned.

- Isaac is great at stacking blocks, rolls of TP, cups, and jars of bubbles….not cans of pop. See below.


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