Saturday, October 23, 2010

Misc junk

- I have TP envy.  I wonder will my toilet paper ever look like it does on TV.  Instead of like this:


If there was a competition on unrolling TP without it tearing Isaac would be the grand champion.  For sure.


- I was the worst daughter-in-law ever.  My in laws came for a visit and I took very few pictures.  Here’s about all I got…

Took them to our fav Mexican place (when I say “fav” I mean good, but NOTHING as good as El Maguey in Winfield)


Papa holding a sleepy baby…Gma in the cropped off background.  The only evidence I have that they were here!  How terrible of me!!

There’s a balloon artist that is there and makes A.mazing balloons for the kids.

Emma got a cat.  Aidan got his love… an airplane which the artist made to go on Aidan’s head.  He witnessed Aidan’s inability to sit still and figured the airplane stood the best chance of survival out of his hands.


Isaac a pumpkin. 


We got our “anti-sun” plan in place while they were here.  My MIL and I found bamboo roman shades (50% off whootwhoot!) and drapery panels to finish out our kitchen/patio doors/hearth room window and protect the children from sunburn while eating breakfast. Pics to follow when complete.

Dwain enjoyed his time watching the boys, eating decadent bologna sandwiches and put to work hanging blinds. :)  He’s such a easy going guy!!

We enjoyed several movies at Matt’s cinema.  The kids modeled their Halloween costumes.  Cleaned the yard a bit.  It was great to have someone from “home” here and I think they enjoyed shaving 20 hours off their travel time by flying in!!


- I’m pretty certain CPS will be investigating me soon. 

To change things up a bit this week at story time we took a seat toward the front of the group.  As the teacher approached the front the crowd  quieted right as Aidan standing beside me stroking Isaac’s cheek says “Ahh…mommy.  I like this baby.  We should keep him” WHAT?!?! Hello the BABY is your BROTHER!!!  Of course I try to loudly explain this fact to the crowd that had now changed their attention to the teacher and made a note to call CPS when story time was over to inspect this woman who is obviously in possession of a child that is not in fact hers and apparently gets rid of children she (or her opinionated 3 yr old) deems “unkeepable”.


- Pacci Boy. 

DSC05896  DSC05895

Isaac loves one thing in life as much or more than his mommy- his pacci!! On this day he located 3 (which is a miracle b/c we usually can’t find any!) and carried them around in a little box occasionally changing out for a different color.


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