Friday, October 16, 2009

2 months

Isaac Bear 2 Months 
.: Stats- 12 lbs 12 oz & 23 in. long

.: What You’re Wearing- Size 2 diapers because you flooood size ones.  0-3 month clothing still fits, but you’re about to be too long for them, so very close to 3-6 month.

.: Firsts- pumpkin patch visit, bus and hayrack ride, sunburn, trip to park & second sunburn *bad mommy!*, 2 birthday parties (Libby & Dylan), smiles & cooing, and on the night before you turned 2 months you slept through the night!! Happy 2 mo birthday gift for mommy!

.: From Head to Toe- Your skin is one big flake right now!  Your scalp, forehead & ears in particular.  I did learn that putting lotion on your scalp did NOT make your hair more greasy, if anything it make it less?!?!?!  We had you on Zyntac for reflux, but I didn’t like how it was working, if it was at all?!  So, I went to what I knew worked for Aidan…Dr. S!!!  (chiropractor) We went on 4 visits last week and WOW, what a different baby.  You’re pooing more regular, taking more restful naps, and just generally more content.  Dr. P said you still have quite and outtie belly button and we may need to look at getting that fixed down the road.

.: Loves- being held especially in the rocking chair, looking at sissy, staring at the bear hanging from the swing canopy, car rides OVER 45 mph, napping in the swing, when mommy claps your hands together quickly causing you to jiggle, your new BFF the thumb, movement (being held while I’m up moving around), starting to enjoy bath time, held with pacifier and patted on the bottom,

.: Dislikes- 5pm – 8pm, being left alone, tolerates the bouncy seat & floor gym, car rides under 45 mph, boppy pillow, car seat,

.: Eating-  sensitive formula 6 oz every 3-4 hours

.: Sleeping- going to bed about 10:30-11 p.m. waking about 2 a.m. to eat and sometimes again about 5 a.m. but sometimes mommy could get you to sleep with her at 5 to hold off the feeding.  Slept through the night (10 p.m. – 7 a.m.) on Sunday the 11th.

.: Misc Facts

.: So happy that I’ve taken the time to have Dr. S treat you.  It’s already made a big difference, just like it did for Aidan.  Wish we had known about him when Aidan was your age!  It’s been a lot of trips into Wichita usually with Emma and Aidan in tow (sometimes even daycare kiddos), but totally worth the time and effort.  We want you to feel good, be happy and in no pain and so far Dr. S. is getting us to that point!

.: I feel like for the first time in 2 months I’m going to survive this life as a mother of 3.  It was a tough adjustment, partially due to my extended recovery, and the past 10 days have been hard with Emma and Aidan being sick, but I’m finding a place of peace where this is all going to be OK and I will survive.  Disclaimer is that I’m typing this during nap…so these peaceful feelings of surviving may quickly change (as they often do) back to me overwhelmed!  Oh the ups and downs of motherhood!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Many Faces Of Isaac

Happy!!!10.13.09 Isaac Smilin

Grumpy!!10.13.09 Isaac Smilin (3)  

Surprise!!10.13.09 Isaac Smilin (2) 

You know you wanna pick me up!! 10.13.09 Isaac Smilin (4)

Mr. Innocent ~ “Why I never would even think of doing any thing naughty!" 10.13.09 Isaac Smilin (6)

Such a sweet, sweet baby..of course I’m biased!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Isaac’s BFF

Hopefully NOT his Best Friend Forever…maybe Best Friend For-awhile.

It’s been a come & go relationship.  Sometimes “he’s” here…

10.9.09 My Friend (11)

and other times someone (my uncoordinated arm) takes him away.  It makes me…

10.9.09 My Friend (13)

Sometimes in an attempt to spend time with my friend “he” hurts me…

10.14.09 Isaac's Friend (4)

My mommy doesn’t like my friend.  She wants me to have this…

10.5.09 My Pappy

So, when my mommy lets me cry, I find my BFF.  That’ll teach her!

10.9.09 My Friend (7)

Ahhh happy baby!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ARRRRRH! Me Pirate Needs a Stick Leg

*I’m a bit late getting this posted, but wanted to document it anyway…

With two boys I knew it would eventually happen.  We had our first scary injury on Saturday. (Yes, that would be 2 days after finally getting Emma all healthy!! ugh!)  We had a 9 a.m. birthday party. Yes, you read that right.  NINE AM as in the MORNING birthday party.  You must know my cheery, early rising Sister in law to fully understand… 

Anyhow, the party was at Funtastics which is a gymnastic facility.  It’s a safe kid lovin’ activity place.  Zip lines, balance beams, HUGE inflatable slide,  foam pit, and injury givin’ pain inflictin’ trampolines abound to hurt entertain kiddos of all ages. 

Emma and Aidan split 2 separate directions as soon as we entered.  I got hung up “introducing” people to Isaac.  Next thing I know I look and see Aidan flying down this…

10.10.09 Dylan Funtastics

….right before he took off running down the long trampoline that “dumps” into the foam pit.  About 4 steps into his run and something happens (I think a 3 way collision…where a bigger kid jumped as Aidan did thus changing the way he landed creating a pile up.) As I look I see his feet in the air and the side of his head bouncing off the trampoline.  I go running and then I hear IT.  The cry.  THE cry that is different than “I’m mad”, “I’m slightly injured, need a kiss and off to play again”.  It was a cry full of pain.  Not a loud squeal.  Nor a “my mouth is open yet no sound or air is coming out” scream.  But a groaning cry.  My first thought as I run toward him is “and Matt’s not here!?!” I gracefully dive toward the pile of little bodies on the bouncy surface and pull Aidan toward me.  I instantly think it’s his head, but as I try to stand him to face me so I can look him over I realize he’s crying about his leg.  He won’t stand or walk on it.  OH great!  Our first broken bone I think.  After about 10 min there’s no change in his demeanor.  He’s not raring and ready to run off and play again.  If he tried to walk his leg would give way as soon as he put weight on it. So, I ditch Emma and Isaac and head off to Immediate care…for the 2nd time this week. 

We got in quickly and after X-ray they determine nothing was broken, but probably strained.  Directions to give Motrin for the next day or so for the pain and to allow him to use his leg as he tolerates.  He learned quickly that running was NOT a good idea as it resulted in a face plant.  Once in the driveway, the others luckily inside on carpet.  He was cute saying “Carry me mommy.  Please carry me.  Me no walk.  Carry me now! Ouch pampoline”

Sat. evening he fell asleep by 6pm and woke Sunday morning at 7!!! Wow! Awesome sleep! Sunday he hobbled around until I gave him a bath.  That must have loosened up his leg and he gradually started using it more.  Each step was filled with concentration as he tried not to limp…or let his leg “give way”  By Sunday night he was getting around better and Monday…well if you saw him you’d think I was making up this whole trampoline of death story.

I’m so grateful the recovery was swift…as having to carry a 40lb 2 year old around is not an easy task…I should have cut biceps & ripped abs, but unfortunately do not.

He’s been very sweet as he’s been able to regain movement.  Every now an then he’ll remember that he can in fact walk with out pain or falling and he’ll say with a shocked, excited look on his face “Me walk mommy! *tilt head toward one shoulder* All better mommy, all better.”

Yes son, all better and hopefully never hurt like that again!  So, if you invite any of my children to such a bouncin’ party never mind the helmet, bubble wrap and padding they’ll be wearing.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We’ve been hit and I hope it’s an early attack that will not return.  Sickies, germs, coodies take note.  We’ve been hit so you need not make a return visit to our household!
Aidan’s been having a runny nose and bit of congestion the last week or more.  Mainly allergy related…bring on the frost!!!  Here was his response to me saying “Aidan go get tissue and I’ll wipe your nose.”  

Believe it or not this was a welcomed change from the microscopic pieces of tissue he had been bringing me!

Matt was next hit.  Sunday after church he was bed ridden disabled not able to function sick. You know….Man Sick.  Sorry to any man reading this that might be offended.  Those of you married or with a male significant others get this.  If you’re not familiar with the condition read this and get a good laugh.

Sunday evening is when it hit Emma.  By bedtime she was at 103 +.  So, after 2 whole days back at full daycare I had to close again.  The Dr. requested seeing her after motrin and tylenol wasn’t bringing the temp down.  After 2 hours and some odd minutes of waiting Strep was the diagnosis.  As of now (Tues. afternoon) the fever is lingering, her appetite is coming back, she’s had moments of wellness to fight with brother & tire an already tired Mama.  The mother in me is suffering from feelings of parental failure.  The teacher in me is dying.  She’s now missed 2 days of school!!! AH!!! We must start tutoring and educational exercises so she not be held back or suffer any learning delays!! I’m certain she’s missed bunches.  The worst part…this is probably the beginning  of her being “sick” on days she doesn’t want to go to school!

Isaac is holding strong as am I.  Of course.  Mommy’s don’t have time to be sick!!  I pray you and your family remains unattacked by the sickies, however this year is already shaping up to be a bad one Swine flu or not.  BTW what is one to do? To vaccinate or not? I’m going with NOT.  Hope I don’t regret that choice.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Fall Weekend!

WOW! I do love fall!  We had a great weekend!  The fun started with a impromptu trip to the zoo Friday afternoon.  The boys and 2 daycare kiddos skipped naps and off we went.  It was my first time seeing the new tiger exhibit and Isaac’s first zoo trip. It was a beautiful day, just a bit windy…which is probably what led to the massive door ding on my truck door I discovered when leaving the zoo. It was bad enough I would have left a note or at least moved my vehicle!!

10.3.09 Zoo Trip (7)

The giraffes looked like a picture for the cell phone commercial.  3 “bars” :)

10.3.09 Zoo Trip (17) 

The lion and cubs were posed on the big rock in their exhibit.

  10.3.09 Zoo Trip (23)

C, Aidan, & K posing at the new tiger exhibit.

 10.3.09 Zoo Trip (15)

Aidan is just too cute at posing lately!! Look at that ornery face!! Can’t get enough of him!

10.3.09 Zoo Trip (32)

Isaac shows a slight grin at the zoo. Don’t really think he saw any of the animals.  Fussed or slept most of the time!!

Saturday AM we took yet another impromptu trip.  To El Dorado to visit my brother who was there on work.  A picnic in the park, which we missed most of the picnic, but he stayed around to watch the kiddos play.  Here’s (I’m biased) an ADORABLE pic of Aidan playing on the slide.  I added one of my fav boy “sayings”.

Aidan Slide boy

Sunday was church…I even made it almost on time getting all 3 kids around on my own…without fits or screaming on my part or theirs!  Now that’s something to brag about.   I’m really enjoying our new worship minister, Jared Bayless.  He’s doing great!  Here’s a video of created for his original song.

As I left church a woman (that I must shamefully admit I wasn’t even sure of who she was) presented me with a HOMEMADE personalized quilt for Isaac!  Love my church fam!!  Here’s a pic of the quilt…


It has a cute little animal print, embroidered circles, his name and birth date, backed in navy blue.

After church and breakfast out the kids and I headed to our Niece’s 2nd birthday party.  She’s a doll! 


She loves ducks, so her party was a duck theme!


In addition to clothes, I whipped up this hair bow holder for her.


Above Aidan beating the piñata, below Emma loving’ what was in the piñata!!


Home from the party and Emma was struck with a fever…great start to the week…which is already busy b/c of all the work I avoided by going on all the impromptu “trips” this weekend! :)

Saturday, October 3, 2009


Whatchyou want- baby I’ve got it,
Whatchyou need- you know I got it,
All I’m askin’ is for a little respect,
Just a lil’ bit, Just a lil’ bit, Just a lil’ bit,
And we got it!!! Emma’s school focus on a character trait each month.  September was Respect. Emma  was the Kindergarten girl awarded the character trait of Respect!! We’re super proud of her!! She was recognized at the school assembly, her name was in the newsletter and she was given a certificate!!  Here is lil’ Ms. Respect and her award (proof that I’m not making this up!) :)
10.3.09 Emma award

We are proudly displaying the award here at home to serve as evidence that what can happen at school can/should happen at home!!
Congrats Emma we’re super proud of you and love you bunches!
No discussion on respect would be complete without….

Makes me wanna dance!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

What makes…

- a mother’s heart smile?

- 9 months of discomfort bearable?

- sleepless nights doable?

- melts my heart after hours of fussiness?


DSC01284 DSC01285

A bit blurry, but he was so excited! What a doll!










Baby Favs


I’m participating in a blog carnival from Kelly’s Korner blog today.  For this carnival women are sharing what their favorite baby items.  Mommy tested.  Child tested. Mother approved.  So. here are my favs.  The first is my newest favorite that I didn’t even discover until child #3!!  What’s your favs? I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

Baby Wrap Baby Wrap Close

Sleepy Wrap

Unfortunately I didn’t know of the Sleep Wrap with my first two.  I’m not sure if I would have appreciated it with my first, but with my colicky & refluxing 2nd it would have been wonderful!  It’s been a Godsend with my newest baby.  Basically it’s a long piece of knit fabric that when tied on a certain way holds a tiny baby up to a toddler in several different positions.  It’s super comfortable and not nearly as hard to put on as you might imagine.  No buckles, snaps, straps to adjust or move.   And most importantly it frees my hands to help my other 2 kiddos.  I owe my friend Audra my first born for loaning me this!!

One line custom BumpyName Orbit Labels - Package of 4 labels

Cup Labels

These are great labels from Inch Bug!  Much like the rubber bracelets people wear for different causes these labels have the child’s name “carved” into it, totally indestructible and can be thrown in the dishwasher.  Great for labeling bottles, sippy cups and even drinks for lunch bags, water bottles for sporting events, etc.

*Side note…pictured is my fav sippy cup.  I do daycare and have experienced A LOT of different sippies….playtex is by far the closest to holding true to being “spill proof”.

Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center

Graco Swing *Plug In* Swing

I borrowed a Fisher Price aquarium swing with my first, bought my own for my second (and occasional use by a daycare child) and it pooped out.  So, with another daycare kiddo and my third I invested in the Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center.  It plugs in *yeah*, very comfy, the seat can be removed and double as a lounging chair for baby and best yet a Graco carseat can snap in so baby can transition from car to moving swing…ahhh….uninterrupted sleep!

ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Active Learning Center


Simply a lifesaver and time “giver”.  From about 4 months on my kids have all loved their saucer.  I’m especially excited to use mine with Isaac.  He will not be walking quite yet come spring/summer so drag this puppy outside and he’ll be happy. (Hopefully…)  Easy to clean/hose down if necessary and this one is great b/c it functions as a play mat, saucer and activity table!  Multi purpose things like this are great!


With my first I’d buy and try multiple different lotions and potions for different things thus my cabinet resembled the Wal-mart baby isle.  I was told to use Aquaphor  on my son’s rashy and often times dry skin.  Works like a charm. Also totally healed up a really bad diaper rash Aidan had once.  I think initially I thought using Vaseline was “old fashion” I mean that’s what my mom was stuck using, but we have all these new and different options now.  Old works gals!  (Well…I REALLY like Dyprotex. SUPER thick ointment…like 30% zinc oxide,  but Walgreens doesn’t carry it anymore…)

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