Tuesday, October 13, 2009

ARRRRRH! Me Pirate Needs a Stick Leg

*I’m a bit late getting this posted, but wanted to document it anyway…

With two boys I knew it would eventually happen.  We had our first scary injury on Saturday. (Yes, that would be 2 days after finally getting Emma all healthy!! ugh!)  We had a 9 a.m. birthday party. Yes, you read that right.  NINE AM as in the MORNING birthday party.  You must know my cheery, early rising Sister in law to fully understand… 

Anyhow, the party was at Funtastics which is a gymnastic facility.  It’s a safe kid lovin’ activity place.  Zip lines, balance beams, HUGE inflatable slide,  foam pit, and injury givin’ pain inflictin’ trampolines abound to hurt entertain kiddos of all ages. 

Emma and Aidan split 2 separate directions as soon as we entered.  I got hung up “introducing” people to Isaac.  Next thing I know I look and see Aidan flying down this…

10.10.09 Dylan Funtastics

….right before he took off running down the long trampoline that “dumps” into the foam pit.  About 4 steps into his run and something happens (I think a 3 way collision…where a bigger kid jumped as Aidan did thus changing the way he landed creating a pile up.) As I look I see his feet in the air and the side of his head bouncing off the trampoline.  I go running and then I hear IT.  The cry.  THE cry that is different than “I’m mad”, “I’m slightly injured, need a kiss and off to play again”.  It was a cry full of pain.  Not a loud squeal.  Nor a “my mouth is open yet no sound or air is coming out” scream.  But a groaning cry.  My first thought as I run toward him is “and Matt’s not here!?!” I gracefully dive toward the pile of little bodies on the bouncy surface and pull Aidan toward me.  I instantly think it’s his head, but as I try to stand him to face me so I can look him over I realize he’s crying about his leg.  He won’t stand or walk on it.  OH great!  Our first broken bone I think.  After about 10 min there’s no change in his demeanor.  He’s not raring and ready to run off and play again.  If he tried to walk his leg would give way as soon as he put weight on it. So, I ditch Emma and Isaac and head off to Immediate care…for the 2nd time this week. 

We got in quickly and after X-ray they determine nothing was broken, but probably strained.  Directions to give Motrin for the next day or so for the pain and to allow him to use his leg as he tolerates.  He learned quickly that running was NOT a good idea as it resulted in a face plant.  Once in the driveway, the others luckily inside on carpet.  He was cute saying “Carry me mommy.  Please carry me.  Me no walk.  Carry me now! Ouch pampoline”

Sat. evening he fell asleep by 6pm and woke Sunday morning at 7!!! Wow! Awesome sleep! Sunday he hobbled around until I gave him a bath.  That must have loosened up his leg and he gradually started using it more.  Each step was filled with concentration as he tried not to limp…or let his leg “give way”  By Sunday night he was getting around better and Monday…well if you saw him you’d think I was making up this whole trampoline of death story.

I’m so grateful the recovery was swift…as having to carry a 40lb 2 year old around is not an easy task…I should have cut biceps & ripped abs, but unfortunately do not.

He’s been very sweet as he’s been able to regain movement.  Every now an then he’ll remember that he can in fact walk with out pain or falling and he’ll say with a shocked, excited look on his face “Me walk mommy! *tilt head toward one shoulder* All better mommy, all better.”

Yes son, all better and hopefully never hurt like that again!  So, if you invite any of my children to such a bouncin’ party never mind the helmet, bubble wrap and padding they’ll be wearing.


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