Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Mimi & Papa Visit

Mom & Dad arrived Thursday around lunch time.  Dad survived the flight, but didn’t care for all the traffic!  To make matters worse I had to pick them up at their airport near Mesa & then go to the main Phoenix airport to pick up Matt then drive all the way home.  Hopefully the mountain scenery kept him a bit sane.

Emma & Mimi had a tea party Thursday evening.  I think it might have been more of an attempt by Emma to eat the brownies.  But she had fun no the less.

 DSC05943 DSC05944

We had been wanting to take Mimi to Mimi’s Cafe.  There are a few all over town and luckily one very close to the Halloween event we wanted to go to.  We had seen Mimi’s featured on a Food Network special on the best comfort foods.  Their specialty was grilled cheese.   Unfortunately it wasn’t listed on their dinner menu…maybe next time.  We all left STUFFED!


The town of Peoria held a Halloween event that featured hot air balloon illumination.  Pulling in we knew we were in for a crowd.  WOW!  Lots of people….tons of little superhero kids I might add.

Jumpolines of every type, carnival games, trick or treat with bikers showing off their motorcycles and about 4 or 5 hot air balloon baskets.  My kiddos were too scared to go up and push the button that would fire up the hot air balloon.  Darn.  That would have been a great pic!!

The Hulk had a nice ride around with lots to look at!  Like the Hulk coordinated pacci? :)

DSC05950  DSC05960

Capt. America girl  & Iron Man striking a pose!

DSC05954 DSC05956

I was shocked at how unafraid the kids were.  There were several bikers with scary masks.  I think they were more focused on the candy!!  Papa found some bikers to visit with that had blue lights on their bikes like Papa just bought for his. 

The balloons were really neat all lit up in the dark.  It was amazing how HOT it was when they fired them up.  I’m guessing a ride in one is pretty warm?!

 DSC05966 DSC05961  DSC05969 DSC05982

Ring toss Arizona style.


They won these wonderful noise makers for their cactus toss.  They are shaped like lips!!  This picture should haunt them in years to come!


Against Matt’s predictions we did NOT lose any of our children.  There were soooo many Iron Mans, Transformers, etc.  Aidan was so excited any time he would see some one he would try to go off and play with them! :)  Mr. Social.

Great time with our visitors and only 3 short week until we are back “home” to see them!!! Yay!!!!


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