Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Isaac Cuteness

A bit of a hang-up.  He somehow got a hanger hooked in his diaper.  How does this even happen?!?!

10.28.10 Isaac hanger bottom (2) 10.28.10 Isaac hanger bottom

He’s the King of peek-a-boo. 


With mommy, with strangers while we’re out, this day with brother…

 DSC06069 DSC06070

Isaac is a lot like Emma- he can entertain himself for a long time and gets quite amused at himself.  Matt & I found him doing this the other night.

*turn down your volume so you don’t have to endure hearing me speak mommize*

Isaac also has his own language.  I call it “grunt”uguese.  His development of this language has nothing to do with his continued use of a pacci.  I promise. Here’s how it works…

“uh, uh, uh” (in short repetitive sound accompanied by him pointing his finger in the direction he wants you to go) means “come look at this, come look at what  I just did” Example…pooped in tub, knocked over box fan, pooped on floor, spilled milk, etc

“uhhhhhhh” (long and drawn out) means I want something.  Example…milk, pacci, mommy, book read, etc

“UHHHHHUHHHHH!” (loud and insistent) means I want it now or NOOOOO Example…desperate for pacci/milk/mommy, wants his brother off of him, sister to stop carrying him by his neck, etc

“mmmMMMM” (almost sung like a song) is what he “says” as he is following you to the fridge with his cup.

I’m afraid I might be the only living translator for the “grunt'”uguese language.  To bad it’s not a paying gig.


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