Wednesday, November 10, 2010

One of THOSE Days…

the kind of day God really wanted to display His sense of humor.

The kind of day where I had totally let go of the “kids will be kids, they grow quickly and I will someday miss them being this age” mentality.

I wanted no poopy pants. 

Children who could pour their own beverage without spilling it in the fridge and all over my floor. 

A day where kids understood that the car is NOT equipped with a beverage machine thus SCREAMING the whole way home b/c they are thirsty is pointless!

A day where a roll of TP stays in tack. 

Children who DON’T play chase and tag squealing like little girls non-stop despite my yelling stoooooooooooooop!

A day where placemats, rubbermaid, pots & pans are put away instead of drug out. 

Children who actually eat the food I prepare…or at least sit at the table for 1/16 of the time it took me to fix the meal.

To NOT have to stop 3 miles from home for small bladder boy to pee along side the road.

I was basically having the mini-melty. The consideration of running away upon Matt’s arrival home was very near. 

He walks in beaming with exciting news to share. *This* is when I am certain God starts chuckling.  Proof positive His timing is “perfect”.

He shares his news. I can instantly tell by the look on his face he was hoping for more excitement from me.  Poor guy wasn’t aware of my day OR my plans of running away. His grrreat news?? A free ticket to the hillbilly Nascar race on Sunday.

Sure honey!! I was just thinking earlier about how I needed more time alone with the kids and how you needed some time away!!!!!

No.  All joking aside I’m glad he has the opportunity to go to events he loves with the added bonus of not costing us!!  He’s been on fancy hunting trips, Football games, lake trips, private airplane rides to sporting events and now a race. 

It is pretty awesome…and even more awesome that I plan to take Saturday as a boy free shopping day for ME! I suppose I need to share that good news with him! :)


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