Thursday, November 4, 2010

Misc. Octoberish Ramblings

- Aidan grounded me.  For buckling him in his car seat.  I will fully accept that grounding if it involves going to my room- alone. Gladly. :)

-You question the intelligence of those driving around you when you see a sign that states something Emma learned at 4 years old.

Red Means Stop.  Really??!!!



- This was actually heard in our house. Matt (to Aidan): “I do not want to see you play in that manner, especially when I heard your brother responding negatively”. Oh WOW!  We I laughed about that one all day!!! I think daddy spent too much time in KC business meetings writing policies & planning leadership classes for his employees!!! Bwhahaha!!

- The ENT said Isaac’s ears are the same, but he’s in no hurry to mess with the tube that is crusted.  His plan is to check him each month through the “winter or illness” season.  My quarterly deductible says “YUCK!”

- The other night I was on the phone with a friend catching up.  It was a bit after 9, but didn’t expect Isaac to be sleepy since he had napped from 4-6 pm.  I thought he was behind the couch playing in the toy room area.  It was awful quiet so I decided to look.  He wasn’t there.  I search the upstairs thinking maybe he had snuck up to pester sleeping sissy.  I check all rooms & closets.  No where.  I come back down stairs and check the only room left…the kitchen.  Here’s what I found…


Guess he loves the memory foam mat & the sound of a running dishwasher!


- Luckily after 2 1/2 weeks of being sick it sounds as though our niece Libby is on the mend and will hopefully be home from the hospital this weekend.  Poor lil’ girl got a form of food poisoning that lead to complications that had her in the PICU for over a week!  I can’t imagine having one of my kiddos sick like that!! 

The same day Libby was moved to the PICU and wrenched my heart to want to be closer to “home” I also got GRRRRRRRRRRRRreat news!!  My brother finally announced he has a girly friend!! Her name is Beth.  We of course had speculated that for some time, but for their own reasons waited until now to make it public.  Joy doesn’t begin to explain that news!!!  Again my heart hurts to be so far away for celebrations of great news too.

Then I get a call that my bestest friend’s husband would be having last minute/emergency surgery for severe pain in his arm due to an issue with a disc in his neck.  Oh my aching heart!!  I would have given my right arm to be able to be there with her!!

I’m trying my best to rest in the idea that we are here b/c we feel it is where God wanted us to be.  But man it is hard!  Life seemed so uneventful when we were in KS. Now all these instances where we could lend a helping hand or be there to support those we love and have helped us so much. 

- On a HOME note I’m am SUPER excited to be preparing for our trip back for Thanksgiving and then I just booked a week long trip in February!! Yay!!!

- Do you watch Glee?  If not, don’t.  It’s addictive. What’s not to love about a show with love stories, drama, song & dance. :)  And I’ll let the record state that MATT started watching it first!!!

- Have you started Christmas shopping yet?  I’ve started my lists and think I might buy one of Emma’s gifts this week.  It’s on sale at Target. $15 off of a $35 item.  Not too bad!! I have tons of little ideas for Aidan.  Only 1 idea for Isaac.  Poor little guy.  Oh well.  He’d be excited to get the box his diapers come in!! :)


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