Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stout Summary 11/15-11/21

Monday: Took Matt to the airport in the evening for an over night trip to Tulsa. Was cute to hear Emma singing songs for her Christmas program on they way home.

Emma announced she had been moved to a new reading group.  Very proud of the work she’s been doing.  She loves to read and loves to write book reports even more!

 Tuesday: While waiting to see a Dr. for Isaac’s nasty nose a woman strikes up conversation with blabber mouth Aidan. It went like this:

Woman: “Hi how are you?  Is that your brother?”

Aidan: “Yes.  It’s Isaac. My Mommy is going to go to a Dr to see about another baby”. 

I can indeed say that is false info.  If I need an OB Matt will need a cardiologist.


Wed: The princesses got pampered today.  Cracker at his new groomer/boarder and Emma by my stylist Niki.  Emma’s still on the hopeless mission to have 78loooong hair.

Thurs: Dog to the vet.  I love taking my kids to the vet.  It is by far the most well behaved you will ever see them.  I’m sure it’s because they are completely terrified of all 4 legged animals and paralyzed with fear decided to be well behaved obedient children after all these years of molding them.  Like angels they stay near my side, quiet and never go out of my reach.

Aidan added a new trick to coming in our room in the middle of the night… In addition to the pitter patter of little feet he now FLIPS on the light!!! Wham…12:15 am and the top light is ON!!!! Hellllllllo Aidan!  He has been very out of sorts with his sleeping all week.  Waking multiple times very disoriented which equates to a FUSSY, naughty boy all day.

Matt and I had a nice long talk.  Lots on my mind that has been building since the craziness of the move.  Suppose I had bottled a lot of it up.  Seems safer than the Hoover dam of emotions breaking.  Still don’t exactly have the words to express the ride my emotions take from day to day.


Friday: Aidan proposed to me.  It was cute so I accepted.  Not sure Matt was impressed. Fast forward to the evening where he was mad and thus informed me “I not going marwie you MOM!”.

Had Thanksgiving dinner at school with Emma.  Great chance to meet her classmates she talks about and visit with her teacher.  The turkey was pretty good too! :)

Aidan refusing to get in the car while running errands b/c he needed a wrench to work on the fire hydrant.

Boys got hair cuts.  Isaac did the best he ever had.  He sat soo still.  Then there’s Aidan.  We got a cut that “fit” his personality this week…


Saturday: Lots of cleaning in the AM, bug guy came so then we had to vacate for lunch (shucks!! :) )  Went into town for lunch and some good ole QT gas for the truck.  I cleaned in my scrappin’ room in the afternoon.

Isaac has great fun wearing everyone’s flip flops.  Here he is in Daddy’s. :)  It’s amazing how good he gets around in them!


Sunday:  Church.  Chiefs beat the AZ Cardinals. Just affirming KS is still better than AZ! :)  It’s 69 and rainy so I guess that should probably get me in the holiday decorating “mood”.  Should be finishing packing for the big trip!!!!!!!!!!!


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