Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick-Or-Treat. Smell my feet & give me my underwear?

Halloween 10

Our super hero’s were dressed and ready for CaNdY!! 

It was amazing the difference a year makes.  Emma Captain America Girl was much less fearful of others dressed in costumes this year!!  She was super excited (& has already eaten) her peanut butter cups she received!!


Aidan decided after about 5 houses that he was tired and ready to go home.  In Derby we would drive the kids to different houses around town.  Here we walked the circle around our part of the development.  Guess Iron Man needed more of his “power”. 

Luckily Aidan did not repeat his version of the “Trick or treat smell my feet” His version was a bit shorter and went like this “Trick or Treat give me my underwear.” :)


Isaac loved Trick or Treating!!  He also enjoyed his first wagon ride!DSC06027 DSC06041

He totally got the concept of “knock on door- get candy”. When our first neighbor didn’t answer he kept knocking and grunting pushing his bucket against their door! :)  He loved riding in the wagon with the buckets full of candy!!

DSC06045  DSC06054 

My flash makes this picture look weird.  It was super dark and the guys with the candy were sitting behind this guy dressed in black with a mask that had red glowing eyes.  As the kids walked passed to get candy he would stand up to startle them.  Emma and Aidan kinda jumped and were unsure.  Isaac didn’t care one bit.  He kept thrusting his bucket to the guy wanting the candy!!


We had a good time and the kids seemed to really enjoy it.  3 buckets full of candy…minus what Isaac kept handing to people in exchange for the candy they were handing out AND the candy he kept throwing out the wagon!!  One bright spot was at our very last house we met a woman who had a boy Aidan’s age (dressed as Bumblebee the transformer) and they boys clicked and played well while I visited with the mom.  They also have a little girl 2 weeks older than Isaac.  She kept trying to “talk” to Isaac, but he was totally missing the flirting she was doing!  The mother stays at home (for now…until Jan.) so hopefully we can get the kids together for some play dates that don’t involve Aidan getting beat up and bitten!!


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