Sunday, November 14, 2010

Veterans Day

Emma was out of school Thursday so I researched what Veterans Day events were held in the area. I found a parade in Phoeinx so off we went Thursday morning.

We got there in plenty of time but still didn’t get a front row seat, but our spot was a bit elevated so we could see over the heads of those around us.

Anxiously awaiting and the HUGE flag that began the parade.


A replica of a navy ship and most importantly MADER!!!


Our first ever parade with large balloons and an Aidan’s favorite!! Airplane!!  And “octopus” prime made an appearance. (for all you transformer fans!)


The infamous Sheriff Joe.  There were certainly more cheers for him than Boos. And the Boos were probably relatives of a tent livin’ pink dressin’ inmate.  Took a picture of the fire truck with bagpipe players for Daddy.  It would have been his fav. part of the parade.


Pretty sure this was an army nurse, but the kids were pretty sure she was Captain America girl…with the cape and all.


A shot of some sibling love.  Not really…it was a bunch of pushin’ shovin’ and “I caaaaaaan’t seeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” going on.  The purple heart balloon.  Great chance to tell of their last living Great Papa getting this award for getting injured in WWII.  He lost a lung.  Emma wanted to know where they put it.


When these big brown eyes say “I’m done in this stroller”….


You let him out only to realize that between you and sissy you can’t keep him contained. 


So an hour into the (2hour!!) parade you go where any nice mom goes..


I think what surprised me the most, but the kids were oblivious too were the protesters for groups “advertising” their “agendas”.  Anti war protesters at an event to honor those who serve??  I get their “support the soldier, not the war “idea, but really?!?!? Did you have to do it then?  That day? Groups holding rainbow flags rather than American flags.  There’s a time.  There’s a place, but in my opinion the veterans day parade to honor those who selflessly fight for our country is NOT the place to push your agenda. That’s just me.  My lil’ harebrained idea.

It was a great day and fun experience.  A nice diversion for Emma having said good-bye to her friend the night before.  Also the perfect time to discuss with the kids what a veteran is and how important the soldiers currently fighting are!!  Living in Derby near an AFB and getting to know many wives of men serving sheds light on what stress and sacrifice the families endure to give us the freedoms we often take for granted!       


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