Wednesday, April 21, 2010

8 Months

In true late fashion…

Isaac 8 months

Stats- 23lbs at the last appt. for yucky nose drainage

.: What You’re Wearing- 18 months – which is fitting in length & around, size 4 shoe

.: Firsts- Looong trip to TX to Riverwalk & Sea World, met  Uncle Johnnie & Jeanne, crawling, pulling up, Easter in Melvern & Atlanta, tooth, in big boy rear facing car seat, first time swinging at the park, starting to hold baba & first burn on his fingers! Ouch!

.: From Head To Toe- long, curly reddish hair.  Still flips and curls when you get sweaty, still fighting neck rash, got a shiny white tooth, loves to move & chew on EVERYTHING

.: Loves- chewing and drooling, pulling off your socks, crawling to get into pots and pans, dog dish, etc, playing in the hall bath, unrolling TP or scooting stool back and forth, saying “dadadadada”

.: Dislikes- quite frustrated when first crawling at not having the speed to keep up with mama, green foods, baby food meat, stage 3 “chunky” food

.: Eating- bottle every 4-5 hours, cereal and fruit for bfast, jar of veggie & fruit for lunch and supper, likes puffs, cheerios, biter biscuits, wagon wheels, etc

.: Sleeping- a lot can change in a month!  Now staying up later than the other 2 kids…it’s like you figured out you can have us all to yourself.  :)  Still waking up once a night for bottle and then again about 6, but if left along you’ll usually go back to sleep.

A few shots of various “firsts” for the last month-

Isaac waiting at Sea World while E, A & Mommy were on a roller coaster…

 TX Trip

Swinging like a Big Boy.  He LOVED it!

 First Swing

First Easter…complete with tie…

 Isaac Easter

Holding Baba with blisters from burn…

 Bottle & Burn

One of his favorite activities…

 Isaac on a roll

A standing big boy…



That first birthday is quickly approaching…I can’t believe it!


Cousin Heather in TX said...

He looks JUST like Matt when he was a baby!! Can we say "cookie cutter from Daddy"!! He is so sweet!! I just want to kiss those cheeks!!!

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