Monday, November 7, 2011

Fall Fun ‘11

I had the pleasure of going to Aidan’s Fall Harvest party at preschool. I joined another mom in keeping 4 rowdy boys entertained.  They had LOTS & LOTS of different carnival games & activities for the kiddos.

Decorate a pumpkin.                                                    Color their pumpkin w/verse.


Even Isaac joined in on the party.


Aidan played a couple games with tooooo much enthusiasm.  He would listen to us to toss the bean bag LIGHTLY, underhand to put it through a hole.  He was all about the overhand-fast ball!! :)

Same story on the ping-pong ball toss. Whew!  As you can see by the blur of his arm in the photo!!


A couple days later was time for trick or treating!! :)

Emma’s version of a “rock star”.  Mind you it’s all clothing straight from her wardrobe. :)  I suggested she carry her microphone to which she replied “mom-don’t get carried away!”. So, to make it a bit more “special” and not appear that she was dressed to go to school I applied some make up.  She actually complained how long her lashes are!!! Silly little girl!!

         Emma 2 Emma 4

My lil’ angry birds. :)  Aidan who snatched the pig & Isaac with his little birds that launch to fight the pigs!! :)

AidanIsaacHalloween '11My Trick or Treaters

Kids with our neighbor kids that we went trick or treating with. He was Iron Man and she was Wow-wow-wubbzy.  Isaac LOVED the idea of the older kids saying “trick or treat”, him getting the candy and all he had to do was say “shank shoe”. :)

Halloween FriendsIsaac lovin it

Halloween marked the anniversary of meeting our neighbors.  Last year their house was the very last house we stopped at and the kids hit it off right away.  They (well…she) is from the mid-west so we have that in common.  The kids are the same ages…boys are into the same things, and well their little girl and Isaac have a love & hate relationship!! :)  We love to visit, but seldom get uninterrupted  time without screeching children!! :)

the Neighbs     Me & M


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