Monday, January 9, 2012

Crazy Christmas

Amongst the craziness that has been life here lately we did remember to celebrate the bestest event ever!!! Our favorite Bday!!  Here’s his sugar overload cake…


…and yes.  That is a votive candle.  It’s what Megan had and well…..we didn’t have thousands of candles laying around.

Matt served several services Thursday and Friday at church.  Saturday I served and then we attended service for Christmas Eve.  A bit strange to not have service on Sunday, but I guess it’s not all about Sunday….but each and everyday. So here they are after evening church.  2 out of 3 are excited at least…


drinking Santa’s chocolate milk and eating one of his cookies made it all better…


Emma left her annual note for Mr. C…


Emma was a good girl!! Her reaction to meeting the 3 new members of the Stout family.


Aidan’s favorite- Hotwheels Wall Tracks.  It is very cool.  He loved it…until Gma & Papa brought their gift…a megazord.


Isaac most super excited about the 10 cent dinosaur Sissy got him at her school store. Go figure.


A close up of the Stout family school of fish. RIP “Blackie”.  The sleigh ride took it’s toll on you, but luckily our new “Blackie” from Walmart is still afloat.


I got Matt some new cloths, a new book in his series and a Facebook gift card.  Yes the very site he calls “from the devil” that I use for FREE he requested a gift card for.  So FYI if you see that I’m playing some Dragon game….I am not. HE is, but I am NOT. Haha!

Matt got me a electric lap blanket.  Guessing that might come in handy in GA!  Also got some nice baskets that so happen to be filled with TONS of different chocolates! Yum!

Christmas night we went to the neighbors for pizza.  The kids played with new toys and the neighbors new Wii.  Us adults played Outburst…the guys may or may not have stomped Megan and I…why can I not retain movie/actor/actress trivia like my husband!?!?!  It was a good time!!

The next day Gma & Papa Stout arrived from KS.  Not sure I have too many pics from their visit.  We worked them to the bone getting our house ready to list and then ditched them for a week to house hunt.  So thankful for their help!!  Will try to post more on their visit later…

It was a nice day.  Great time spent with friends and and awesome service at church.  But a cloud of sadness was in the air.  Our last Christmas in AZ.  No warm weather holiday traditions to continue.


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