Sunday, February 26, 2012

Second 1st day of 2nd grade

Make sense?!? :)  Emma started school just 2 days after arriving here in the Atlanta area.  It was kinda quick when factoring all the time zones we had been going through, but we wanted her to get her "feet wet" with 3 days of school before having this past week off for winter break.

She was SO nervous.  I tried my best to make the school aware and get all the proper docs in to the school so they could assign her a teacher and perhaps met her before the first day.  That didn't work out so we arrived early the first day to meet the teacher.  Her teacher Mrs. B seems very nice and well organized & informative.

Upon arrival Emma was hugged and greeted by 2 little girls.  She quickly went in the room while I talked to the teacher.  I took my cue to leave when she shot me the "who is that crazy lady in the hall" look. :)

I'm guessing it was harder on Mama than Emma.  Having never had to go to a new school, never moving and having some of the same classmates from Kindergarten through my senior year it makes it hard on me to feel as though I'm putting her through this "stress".  In actuality it's more stress for me than her.  She is not like her mama. I have often wondered why God gave me a little girl so different than I was.  Times like this I understand.

Once I managed to find my way through the VERY organized & detailed pick up lane and only managing to clog the flow of traffic once I had my little girl back.  Boys were asleep so I got a great chance to visit with her about her first day.  She said she met a friend and her teacher was so organized.  "She had a place for everything".  Emma's 1st grade teacher was wonderful, but and organized classroom was not his priority. :)  Her AZ 2nd grade teacher was only there 4 weeks before maternity leave thus having a sub the rest of the time.

She did say that she wasn't sure about her teacher at first b/c she "kinda yelled" at a kid. She said "I thought I'm going to have to tell Mama that I DON'T like this", but said she changed her mind as the day went on.  Made me laugh.  Her Kind., 1st & 2nd grade teachers were all very soft spoken people. 

It took different conversations with me, Mimi, Gma & Daddy to hear all the bits and pieces of her day.  Interesting to hear all the different comments and observations she had and shared. 

She loves her daily binder & agenda she brings home.  SUPER stoked that her school has Art class.  Very excited to be able to check out library books and bring them home.  She ate school lunch on Friday- duh, pizza.  Already asking about the different clubs they offer.  Here's a few shots of her on her 2nd 1st day of school for the year...

Emma's 1st Day

And here's a normal pose for my drama girl...

2nd Emma's 1st day


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