Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend

Wow! What a busy weekend! It feels as though it was a long weekend b/c Matt had Friday off. He watched the other kiddos Friday morning while I attended Emma's preschool Mother's Day tea. So cute! Preschoolers singin' for their mamas!! Here's Emma saying her part and a pic of us together.

We got tons done Friday on the new swingset...aka "Stout Recreation Center". Friday evening the kids and I (leaving the swing set slave builder and my FIL behind) drove to Emporia to surprise my mom for dinner. Great time had by all. The cousins always have a good time together and was a great treat by my brother!! Thanks Adam! Here's a pic of Cousins Dallen & Aidan:

Saturday started with an early Mother's Day gift (Emma's idea) of breakfast in bed. Now before you picture the breakfast tray with flowers, french toast sprinkled with powdered sugar and covered in warm syrup, fresh berries & sparkling juice - remember this was a 5 year olds idea carried out by a daddy who likes to sleep in!! So, here's what it was...Cocoa Crispies in a rubbermaid bowl, chocolate milk and served on a plate. So thoughtful and it was quite good! A bit difficult to eat with 2 kids in bed with me however! :) Breakfast was quick to end with more work on the swingset, baked 6 dozen cookies for a church event, squeezed in a pedicure then off to the church to work in my Sunday school room for the Open House at 6:30. Great evening ending with our first accident with Aidan that resulted in a decent amount of blood. He was running with a toy, fell down and bit through his lip. Yes folks...the tooth was through the underneath side of his lip. Oh, so much fun! You can see the "exit" wound beneath his smile...he's so tough!

Sunday was my first Sunday to teach the 9 a.m. Sunday school so we were off early to attempt to make it on time. After church we went out to dinner with Matt's fam to Luciano's in Mulvane. Perhaps the best ever authentic Italian food you'll find in a very quaint location!! Yummo! Which brings me to now. silence. Yes, no TV, no radio, I can hear my refrigerator running. Ahh...tis beautiful! Aidan is resting (for hopefully the next 2 hours) Matt took Em to a movie...perhaps Xmen...her choice. They are SUCH movie buffs! Hopefully the rain will continue to hold off, dry up and give Matt a chance to continue work on the "Stout Recreation Center" tomorrow as he has it off too. (He took a 4 day weekend for Mother's day!?!?!)Tryin' to get the project done before Aidan's bday next weekend!
Pics from today - Stout Mamas - Myself, Emma, Shelly, Peggy, Libby & Mandy:

Me & my lil' fam on Mother's think next year we'll have another little one...

Hope all you mommies out there had a great weekend!


Tamsey said...

You look great Teresa! Good job on the blog. I like the background and the wealth of information...face book is nice but blogs can go a lot more in depth.

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