Sunday, May 31, 2009

You Had Me With "Heartbeat"

A heartbeat. Simple, yet miraculously. Thump-thump, thump-thump. Hearing Emma's heartbeat when I was 8 weeks pregnant was all it took for me & Matt as a young adults to totally refocus our more "laid back" attitude on abortion. I suppose being young- not too long out of college, and not yet reconnected to a church I had more of a pro-choice stance. But hearing that only 6 weeks after conception it was there. So clear! Took one small simple machine to hear it. Clear as day. The 3 times I've heard that for the first time with each Stout Sprout has easily been the MOST precious sound I've ever heard. With that said....

I personally do not agree with what Dr. Tiller did in the lives of women in our nation. Yes, there have probably been women over the years that were raped or babies that were products of incest, but we must all agree the the MAJORITY of abortions performed were women who simply didn't want to have the child. Although I do not agree with his choice of how he used his medical licence he was a husband, he was a father, and he was a grandfather. The acts he performed I consider to be sinful as the God I serve and the Bible I study points to life beginning at conception. HOWEVER, I also believe that the sin I commit daily hurts the heart of God and is considered equal to that of the sin of abortion Drs.

I'm sure the suspect in this case rationalizes his actions. By killing one he feels he saved many babies. But let's face it...Dr. Tiller was not the only abortion Dr. out there. Women who had appointments for tomorrow will be referred on to another Dr. in the area. Abortions will continue. Hopefully we all learn that hatred, violence and killing on either side is not Christ like. Resolves nothing. Divides people even more.

My prayers are with his family & friends. My prayers are also with the past and future patients that have made or are trying to make their "choice".


Ruth said...

Well said.

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