Monday, June 8, 2009

Things Learned In a Weekend

~A last minute trip Friday evening to the In-laws for swimming can be met with lots of excitement all to find the water was COLD and us girls chickened out. Aidan and Matt had a great shiverrrring time. It was a nice visit though!

~That last minute trip to swim produced little to no good pictures b/c of my stoneage camera (5 1/2 years old!!) Many were blurry...

~Aidan and mommy had a "Mother-Son Bonding" shopping trip together. He was...thrilled. He would have rather been with sissy and Daddy helping at Special least that was what I gathered from the 30-45min. crying fit after we dropped them off. Something like...whaaaa-whaaaa, Sissy, help Daddy, WHAAA! I, on the other hand, had a great time on our mother-son bonding trip. What's not to love? We got donuts, shoe shopped, camera shopping and any "man's" fav- jewelry shopping!

~It is possible that one purchase of ONE pair of shoes for a FAT footed little boy's summer sandals can quickly exceed the value of his mommy's entire summer shoes collection. Geez! I thought all the $$ was spent on girl's shoes!

~Being lazy on a Saturday afternoon/evening can make one feel relaxed, yet when the pregnancy nesting kicks in can make you feel like you wasted valuable time!

~Going to church with my fam is some of the best time spent. AND I actually got to sit through 1/2 of service WITH my husband. Lunch following with the In-laws was yummy, but this preggers woman can NOT finish the platter sized salad I was served.

~You can waste an entire Sunday afternoon researching a new camera, the correct/best memory stick and accessories to go with it. It is possible to get so stressed and overwhelmed you simply give up. The good news is if you wait until Monday AM the camera can go on sale..AND by Monday afternoon can be back ordered!!

~Perhaps the hugest...GINORMOUS lesson I learned this weekend...Don't EVER and I MEAN EVER promise your kids that when they wake from nap you'll take them to the Y to swim...UNLESS- do you hear me??? UNLESS you first check the pool schedule and hours to ensure they are open- check this info BEFORE you feed, suit them up and load them into the car seats. If you were not to follow these simple rules you might end up prying your children out of their car seats with neighbors watching on in horror AND your children might scream for close to an hour that they didn't get to swim. Fun...real good me!

~To follow up the swimming 2 year old CAN ruin a good nights sleep even in the quietest of ways. Aidan wouldn't go to sleep b/c the "orms" (storms) started right at bedtime. So it was 10:30 pm before he was in bed. Now this late bedtime in combo with the long "swimfit" from earlier should equate to a great nights sleep. Right?! No, he was up at 3:30 am. Requested fresh diaper, rocking, sung to, etc, etc. Then from 4-5 am he simply walked back and forth between his room and ours to make sure we were still there. He never said anything, cried, whined...nothing. You could just hear the "crunch" of his dry diaper as he waddled back and forth between rooms. He settled down at 5 am. Emma woke at 5:20....'s Monday!


Meg said...

Sorry I wasn't there to help you! In the midst of my non-sleeping night, I could have been a good help. I woke, for some unknown reason, at 3:41 am...and NEVER went back to sleep. Thus, the reason I just popped two Tylenol PM and am heading to bed within the next 30 minutes. I'm determined to sleep well tonight.

akmohr said...

Poor Aidan and Natalie need to join forces to go shoe shopping! We found her first pair of "real" shoes at Little Feet Boutique because she is wearing a 4 DOUBLE wide! Should have rolled that purchase in when we refinanced the house!

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