Monday, May 18, 2009

Stout Recreation Center

Matt's never-ending project the last few VERY rainy weeks and weekends is what we have now named the Stout Recreation Center!! Our poor backyard has been bare...well not totally bare...there was a small little metal swing set. The kids had really out grown, especially with all the extra kids from day to day. So, after a couple years of researching we chose the the Sky Fort from Sam's Club. Matt picked it up...4- 200 lb boxes with a 10 ft. green slide pictured below. It took up residency in our garage through many rainy days torturing the kids!!
Let the sorting begin. Matt and his dad spent most of one drizzly day sorting the lumber, parts & pieces. Pictured below are the 1000's of screws, bolts and hardware. Crazy!!! The instructions said the project would take 40 hours to complete. We didn't really track hours of work, but the pile of lumber and hardware seemed overwhelming to me!
After sorting let Work day #1 begin. With the backyard a swamp work began in the driveway & garage. The main clubhouse with picnic table & sandbox was constructed in the driveway, minus the roof for fear of it getting to heavy to move to the back or catching wind in a storm. They also constructed the rock wall, ladder, monkey bars, and side supports in the garage out of the rainy day elements.
Club house and supplies moved to the back. I SO WISH I had pics of Matt and Dwain moving it to the backyard!! I wasn't home, but in only a way my creative FIL could he constructed some apparatus with wheels that they placed the clubhouse on and pushed it to the back yard.
Main club house done, complete with roof. Base leveled and weed barrier (black tarp stuff) in place. The kids love it already! They've even enjoyed a few picnics on the built in picnic table.
Whala...It's done!! Here's a shot from our patio doors!!!
A closer look. The lookout tower on the top is a fav, complete with telescope. Aidan and Emma love the glider as well. Emma can spend hours swinging while Aidan burns up the ladder and slide!
Still bunches to do. Post holes are dug for the privacy fence that will run along the right side of the photo. A retaining wall will be build around the play area to hold in the 15 tons of pea gravel we're ordering. Matt is building benches for my lazy rump to rest on and a built in toy box for all the outdoor toys. Then the fun REALLY begins as I get to do landscaping I've been waiting for the last couple years. Yeah! So, excited! Problem is we gotta get this done in the next few weeks before I'm too round to get on the ground! So, come one, come all and play with us!! (One draw back...for those of us fair skinned folks...the mature shade trees are NOT in place...bring sunblock!) Will post more when totally complete!!
P.S. Thanks Matt & Dwain!!! You are the best and the kids sooo love all the love and work put into this!!


thepartridgefamily said...

That would have been too much of a project for me to take on, but it turned out great. All the kids really seemed to enjoy themselves at Aidan's party.

Meg said...

Dude, that thing's nicer than at least one of the houses I've lived in during my adult life! LOL -- looks great!

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