Friday, May 1, 2009

This Week...

Emma is being forced to finish her final days of preschool. She is ready to be done! In a random conversation with her this week I was informed this week that I will not be a grandma. She’s not having children. When I questioned her she explained that taking care of kids is too much work. She’s going to live with her husband and they are going to stay home and not work. When I questioned how they’d afford housing, food, etc. She commented that they will go to the bank. Hmm…if only it worked that way! She then commented “She’d think on it and come up with something”. Right at that point we were driving by her future Elementary school and asked “Why do I HAVE to go to school?” I told her so she could go on to school like college and get a job someday. Then I asked “What do you want to do when you grow up?” Duh…she had just explained her plans. Silly mommy.

Aidan is in the trenches of potty training. Maybe 45% due to his interest...OK his willingness and 55% due to his large thighs and bottom that makes the largest size pull ups and diapers much to small to contain the massive amount he outputs. Depends is our next option! J He’s very willing to sit on the potty and has become proficient at peeing on cheerios while standing at the potty. On one occasion he has went into the bathroom and started to go himself, however within an hour after that he had 2 accidents! So frustrating! I know he’s a bit young and we’re doing everything possible to not make it traumatizing. Unfortunately my physical condition makes it much harder for me to stoop, bend and lift him and shortens my patience dramatically. Next weeks goal is getting his 2nd Birthday planned!

The Stout Sprout has officially been in the oven for 25 weeks…leaves me with ONLY 15 to go…makes me want to go nest and scrub something…or perhaps…PICK A NAME! I started PT this week. I had really contemplated going the chiro route, but decided to give PT a try. It had been suggested with Aidan’s pregnancy, but didn’t feel I had the time to make all the appointments. Well- not that I have more time now, but the pain is bad enough. I hate feeling that I’m a whiner. Going to PT makes me feel like I’ve failed at sucking it up and dealing with pregnancy “side effects”. The first 24 hours after treatment went great…then the pain came back. So, I go 4 times in the next 2 weeks and hope to find relief. Perhaps at least the ability to sleep at night. The combo of LITTLE sleep and constant pain has taken it’s toll on me and the unfortunate folks around me! Stout Sprout is an active one. Especially likes to wake up about 10 p.m., once the house is quiet. We’re still working on names. It was my March goal!! We’ve narrowed down (I think) to 2 boy names and the girl names are no where close. Means it’s probably a girl!

Hope you had a great week!


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