Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Thoughts on Sprout

Little Sprout are you wanting to visit early?

I had a weird spell on Sunday evening that MAY have been the lil' Sprout giving me some cues about something. I tend to probably under-react when it comes to calling the Dr. about such things. Hate getting the run around and tone of "calm down crazy prego lady". But I must admit some of the various things I was feeling then have been on and off ever since. menstrual and then some tightening from the underneath-around-to the top of my belly, feeling "hot" on my face, circulation issues in my legs particularly left leg, shortness of breath, heart seems to race....who knows.

Called the Dr. today and they said sounds as if it's a mixture of Braxton Hicks and regular contractions. They told me if it happens again to do what I expected...take Benadryl and lay down. If contractions do NOT stop that is reason for concern. Although it's slightly concerning to me anyway as I didn't have a single contraction even Braxton Hicks with the other 2 until it was "time".

Names. UGH! Do we have to name the child!?!? Matt and I have had 2 "dates" in the last week that gave me the opportunity to bug him about names...especially girl names. He's adamantly AGAINST the name that I'm lovin' the most. I will say it's hard as there are girl names we toss around with family significance, others go with our weird vowel pattern thing we have going on, then there are just random names that come to us. It was my goal to have a name by March 31st...that obviously was not met. I keep thinking I might be able to sway him...but not so sure. He's pretty determined. Some of the names in no particular order: Leah, Lindsey, Clara or Claire, Ivy, Isabel, Joy...I'm sure there's more... I've so got the girl feeling, yet we have boy names narrowed down to 2! Go figure!

Perhaps the sweetest development with the Stout Sprout is hiccups!! So sweet to feel that rhythmic pattern!! Of course baby doesn't seem to like it too much. Shortly after hiccups begin so does the flopping and kicking in protest!

I've had a dream recently that worries me a bit. It's been my fear that after now having 2 natural deliveries that for some odd reason this one will end up in a C section. Not that C sections are the end of the world, bad or anything...but on the 3rd and final it would be nice to have things be what I'm "used" to. And to be honest I found delivery (with Aidan) to be exhilarating. Emma not so much...but with Aidan it was like I "got it". Had that "I CAN DO IT!" high. My other concern on a C section is kinda missing those after delivery moments of holding the fresh new baby wrapped up like a baby burrito snug and tight in the hospital blanket. Back in February I was at a scrappin' crop scrapbooking Aidan's birth. Seeing him all wrapped up and in my arms made my arms ACHE for that feeling again. My arms get weak just thinking about it!! So my consistent prayer as of late has been for this baby to be in position and health for me and baby so that a natural delivery can occur and my arms can be filled with that fresh baby burrito! Ahhh....I can hardly wait!!!

Only 10 weeks and 6 days left (I hope!) to get sooo much done...


Meg said...

And the name you're loving the most would be????

Teresa said...

Oh now we've added 2 more on the vowel front...Elaine & Amelia...this just keeps getting better!!! Ha! I'm shooting for little NoName Stout. I almost bought him some Ivy at the greenhouse I was at today ;)

Meg said...

LOL - did you get my list of ideas?

Teresa said...

Yep. It's funny I think Ellison was on your list. I then saw it on a blog the other day for a little girl. They called her Elli. Share it with real comment. Ugh. He's actually liking Amelia!?!

thepartridgefamily said...

Well send me a good list to pick one for myself after you're done cause I have no clue.

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