Friday, October 2, 2009

Baby Favs


I’m participating in a blog carnival from Kelly’s Korner blog today.  For this carnival women are sharing what their favorite baby items.  Mommy tested.  Child tested. Mother approved.  So. here are my favs.  The first is my newest favorite that I didn’t even discover until child #3!!  What’s your favs? I’m sure I’m forgetting something…

Baby Wrap Baby Wrap Close

Sleepy Wrap

Unfortunately I didn’t know of the Sleep Wrap with my first two.  I’m not sure if I would have appreciated it with my first, but with my colicky & refluxing 2nd it would have been wonderful!  It’s been a Godsend with my newest baby.  Basically it’s a long piece of knit fabric that when tied on a certain way holds a tiny baby up to a toddler in several different positions.  It’s super comfortable and not nearly as hard to put on as you might imagine.  No buckles, snaps, straps to adjust or move.   And most importantly it frees my hands to help my other 2 kiddos.  I owe my friend Audra my first born for loaning me this!!

One line custom BumpyName Orbit Labels - Package of 4 labels

Cup Labels

These are great labels from Inch Bug!  Much like the rubber bracelets people wear for different causes these labels have the child’s name “carved” into it, totally indestructible and can be thrown in the dishwasher.  Great for labeling bottles, sippy cups and even drinks for lunch bags, water bottles for sporting events, etc.

*Side note…pictured is my fav sippy cup.  I do daycare and have experienced A LOT of different sippies….playtex is by far the closest to holding true to being “spill proof”.

Graco Sweetpeace Newborn Soothing Center

Graco Swing *Plug In* Swing

I borrowed a Fisher Price aquarium swing with my first, bought my own for my second (and occasional use by a daycare child) and it pooped out.  So, with another daycare kiddo and my third I invested in the Graco Sweetpeace Soothing Center.  It plugs in *yeah*, very comfy, the seat can be removed and double as a lounging chair for baby and best yet a Graco carseat can snap in so baby can transition from car to moving swing…ahhh….uninterrupted sleep!

ExerSaucer® Triple Fun™ Active Learning Center


Simply a lifesaver and time “giver”.  From about 4 months on my kids have all loved their saucer.  I’m especially excited to use mine with Isaac.  He will not be walking quite yet come spring/summer so drag this puppy outside and he’ll be happy. (Hopefully…)  Easy to clean/hose down if necessary and this one is great b/c it functions as a play mat, saucer and activity table!  Multi purpose things like this are great!


With my first I’d buy and try multiple different lotions and potions for different things thus my cabinet resembled the Wal-mart baby isle.  I was told to use Aquaphor  on my son’s rashy and often times dry skin.  Works like a charm. Also totally healed up a really bad diaper rash Aidan had once.  I think initially I thought using Vaseline was “old fashion” I mean that’s what my mom was stuck using, but we have all these new and different options now.  Old works gals!  (Well…I REALLY like Dyprotex. SUPER thick ointment…like 30% zinc oxide,  but Walgreens doesn’t carry it anymore…)


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