Monday, October 5, 2009

Great Fall Weekend!

WOW! I do love fall!  We had a great weekend!  The fun started with a impromptu trip to the zoo Friday afternoon.  The boys and 2 daycare kiddos skipped naps and off we went.  It was my first time seeing the new tiger exhibit and Isaac’s first zoo trip. It was a beautiful day, just a bit windy…which is probably what led to the massive door ding on my truck door I discovered when leaving the zoo. It was bad enough I would have left a note or at least moved my vehicle!!

10.3.09 Zoo Trip (7)

The giraffes looked like a picture for the cell phone commercial.  3 “bars” :)

10.3.09 Zoo Trip (17) 

The lion and cubs were posed on the big rock in their exhibit.

  10.3.09 Zoo Trip (23)

C, Aidan, & K posing at the new tiger exhibit.

 10.3.09 Zoo Trip (15)

Aidan is just too cute at posing lately!! Look at that ornery face!! Can’t get enough of him!

10.3.09 Zoo Trip (32)

Isaac shows a slight grin at the zoo. Don’t really think he saw any of the animals.  Fussed or slept most of the time!!

Saturday AM we took yet another impromptu trip.  To El Dorado to visit my brother who was there on work.  A picnic in the park, which we missed most of the picnic, but he stayed around to watch the kiddos play.  Here’s (I’m biased) an ADORABLE pic of Aidan playing on the slide.  I added one of my fav boy “sayings”.

Aidan Slide boy

Sunday was church…I even made it almost on time getting all 3 kids around on my own…without fits or screaming on my part or theirs!  Now that’s something to brag about.   I’m really enjoying our new worship minister, Jared Bayless.  He’s doing great!  Here’s a video of created for his original song.

As I left church a woman (that I must shamefully admit I wasn’t even sure of who she was) presented me with a HOMEMADE personalized quilt for Isaac!  Love my church fam!!  Here’s a pic of the quilt…


It has a cute little animal print, embroidered circles, his name and birth date, backed in navy blue.

After church and breakfast out the kids and I headed to our Niece’s 2nd birthday party.  She’s a doll! 


She loves ducks, so her party was a duck theme!


In addition to clothes, I whipped up this hair bow holder for her.


Above Aidan beating the piñata, below Emma loving’ what was in the piñata!!


Home from the party and Emma was struck with a fever…great start to the week…which is already busy b/c of all the work I avoided by going on all the impromptu “trips” this weekend! :)


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