Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Isaac’s BFF

Hopefully NOT his Best Friend Forever…maybe Best Friend For-awhile.

It’s been a come & go relationship.  Sometimes “he’s” here…

10.9.09 My Friend (11)

and other times someone (my uncoordinated arm) takes him away.  It makes me…

10.9.09 My Friend (13)

Sometimes in an attempt to spend time with my friend “he” hurts me…

10.14.09 Isaac's Friend (4)

My mommy doesn’t like my friend.  She wants me to have this…

10.5.09 My Pappy

So, when my mommy lets me cry, I find my BFF.  That’ll teach her!

10.9.09 My Friend (7)

Ahhh happy baby!


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