Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We’ve been hit and I hope it’s an early attack that will not return.  Sickies, germs, coodies take note.  We’ve been hit so you need not make a return visit to our household!
Aidan’s been having a runny nose and bit of congestion the last week or more.  Mainly allergy related…bring on the frost!!!  Here was his response to me saying “Aidan go get tissue and I’ll wipe your nose.”  

Believe it or not this was a welcomed change from the microscopic pieces of tissue he had been bringing me!

Matt was next hit.  Sunday after church he was bed ridden disabled not able to function sick. You know….Man Sick.  Sorry to any man reading this that might be offended.  Those of you married or with a male significant others get this.  If you’re not familiar with the condition read this and get a good laugh.

Sunday evening is when it hit Emma.  By bedtime she was at 103 +.  So, after 2 whole days back at full daycare I had to close again.  The Dr. requested seeing her after motrin and tylenol wasn’t bringing the temp down.  After 2 hours and some odd minutes of waiting Strep was the diagnosis.  As of now (Tues. afternoon) the fever is lingering, her appetite is coming back, she’s had moments of wellness to fight with brother & tire an already tired Mama.  The mother in me is suffering from feelings of parental failure.  The teacher in me is dying.  She’s now missed 2 days of school!!! AH!!! We must start tutoring and educational exercises so she not be held back or suffer any learning delays!! I’m certain she’s missed bunches.  The worst part…this is probably the beginning  of her being “sick” on days she doesn’t want to go to school!

Isaac is holding strong as am I.  Of course.  Mommy’s don’t have time to be sick!!  I pray you and your family remains unattacked by the sickies, however this year is already shaping up to be a bad one Swine flu or not.  BTW what is one to do? To vaccinate or not? I’m going with NOT.  Hope I don’t regret that choice.


Sarah said...

Random thought while I'm thinkin of it, do you have Rebecca Beatty's phone number now that they've moved back here?

Sassafrass Jane said...

Cute blog! Saw your nice comment on McMommy's recent post.
Love the pic of Aidan and the tissue!

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