Sunday, November 15, 2009

3 Months

isaac 3 month bear

.: Stats- not sure exactly as we didn’t see the Dr. this month.  I’d guess close to 14 lbs and 24-25 inches.

.: What You’re Wearing- too long for 0-3, so officially in 3-6 mo. size 3 shoe (Emma wore a 4 at a year!!)

.: Firsts- starting to “talk” and coo, I get a giggle out of you once in a while, noticing toys & objects in front of you & grabbing at them, took a longer car ride (2 1/2 hours) to Mimi’s house…you slept :), first stay in the church nursery when mama taught Sunday school

.: From Head To Toe- reddish hair, perfect skin complexion- very different than Aidan, eye color is a gray darkish color- not as blue as the other 2’s at this age, holds head up well & tries to sit up when held reclined back- strong abs!!  You want to be up & alert!

.: Loves- being rocked, tummy time, giggles when jiggled, loves to look at sissy, spendin’ time in the vibro bouncy seat

.: Dislikes- laying on your back, sitting in car seat doesn’t hate, but tolerates swing (the fanciest, softest, $$ swing one could have!!)

.: Eating- 6 oz every 4 some times every 3 is you went long stretches in the night.  Takes forever sometime for you to get it down…but don’t try to take it away cause you want every last drop!

.: Sleeping- you were sleeping through the night- but now up once at about 4 an, down by 10 pm & one good 2 hour nap with lots of little cat naps

.: Misc Facts-

You were a football for your 1st Halloween.  Luckily there were no fumbles and you stayed cozy in mama’s arms.

You’ve remained super healthy despite brother & sissy’s attempts at sharing the crud they’ve gotten. (strep, croup, mouth infection, ear infection…)

We’re done seeing Dr. S. He managed to help you just like with Aidan.  The fussiness is lots better and the reflux/spitting up has all but vanished!  Yeah!



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