Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Bake Day 2009

Bake Day 2009 was held on Saturday, December 12th.  I attendance were 4 moms with a total of 9 kids (I’m counting April’s bun in the oven :) ) Here’s a math lesson 4 moms baking + 9 kids playing = 4 crazy moms.

My college friend Karra runs a bakery out of her home (this is were I’d insert her web page…we need to get you a blog girl!) and has all the equipment & a mighty big oven that makes baking a breeze…well maybe not a breeze, but much easier than at home.  Last year we got together to make holiday goodies and deemed it was definitely something we wanted to make an annual tradition.  So, the 2nd weekend of December I gathered up my recipes with loads of butter, sugar, chocolate & anything else bad for you  and departed for her house.  We each pick a few recipes of treats to make and then split each treat 4 ways so we each come away with an huge assortment!

Here’s a portion of my goodies.  We made: Chocolate Truffles, Jell-O Sugar Cookies, Trio Cookies, Chocolate Crinkles, Peanut Butter fudge, Chocolate fudge, gingerbread mini loaves and chocolate covered pretzels.

Cookie Day My Share

One of my contributions was Jell-O Sugar Cookies.  It was a treat my mom made around the holidays so it is just doesn’t seem like a holiday with out them.  I also made the Chocolate Crinkles, again it just screams holiday cookie.

This stuff right here could make me gain weight smelling it! The one and ONLY thing to make it better…dip it in chocolate.  Yes my friends.  Super rich peanut butter fudge coated in chocolate.  One bite would send one into diabetic shock.  But you’d be happy as you went! :)

Cookie Day Fudge

Here’s her dining room table with all the treats laid out.  Wow!

Cookie Day Spread

Now you’re about to see the SWEETEST treat of Baking Day 2009…

Cookie Day Isaac

This little man was such an angel the entire day!  He slept very little, but was well entertained in the bouncy seat with the coming and goings of the other 7 active kids!

Despite the truck breaking down on the way home (thankfully with in a couple miles of home) it was a great day to “kick off” the holidays.  The next day I continued the sugar rush making Oreo Balls, Nutter Butter Balls, Cookie Dough truffles, Peppermint Brownie truffles & Peppermint bark. All the baking and candy making brings fond memories of my Grandma Burnett.  That woman could make some of the best candies!  Toffee, peanut butter balls, coconut balls and hard cinnamon candy were my favorites…oh & peanut brittle…OK it was ALL good…I had one exception though…chocolate covered cherries.  They WERE good.  Before my brother and I overdosed on cherries one year helping Grandma in the kitchen and to this day neither one of us likes cherries!!

Thanks or hosting Karra!  Already looking forward to next year!


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