Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Cookie Cutter Wreath

In preparation for our annual bake day at my bakery- owner- friend’s house I made this little gift for her.  I couldn’t think of a better gift for a baker & cookie maker!

To Make You Need:

Spray paint, metal cookie cutters, metal adhesive & ribbon.

Cookie Cutter Wreath 4

I got the cookie cutters at Hobby lobby for 1/2 price.  (I have several left over to either use to make cookies, individual ornaments OR there were several mini cookie cutters that I thought I could make a “mini” wreath with as well! I’m leaning toward “rust” treating some to make ornaments for the small tree in my kitchen.) Ok…back to the project…one can spray paint color of your choice and an adhesive that works for metal.  I wish I had a good suggestion.  I tried what you see pictured as wasn’t have the best luck.  So, I tried my E-5000 glue and it seemed to help, but I’m convinced there’s something better out there.  My husband actually recommended JB weld.

Chose your cutters and lay them out and rearrange until you get a shape you’re happy with.

Cookie Cutter Wreath 3

Once arranged start gluing cutters together. I did a section at a time allowing 2 to bond together before attaching a 3rd.  Once glued and dried time to spray a little paint!  It only took me 2-3 coats to have a good coverage.  Once the paint was dry I make up a bow, tied it on and wha-la!  An adorable Cookie Cutter Holiday Wreath!

 Cookie Cutter WreathCookie Wreath 2


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