Sunday, February 21, 2010

6 Months

Isaac 6 months

.:Stats- 19 lbs 6 oz., 27 1/2 in. long, 80% across the board

.: What You’re Wearing- mostly 6-9 months and some 12 months.  You  must have shorty arms b/c all sleeves are too long on you! :)  You enjoy chewing on them though!

.: Firsts- trying to hold bottle, on hands and knees rocking back and forth, eating solid foods (rice cereal, veggies & fruits), first weekend away from mommy and first weekend with only daddy!

.: From Head To Toe- you’re doing so well! You have the sweetest smile that makes my day lighter and brighter no matter what!  You’re very long and more than doubled your birth weight (9lbs 11oz).  It’s amazing to me that Emma was  your size at one year and was walking all over!  You have developed a bit of a rash in your “chins” from all the drool and milk/food.

.: Loves- rolling around on your blanket, rocking on hands and knees, saucer, lion chew toy, pacci, star mobile, chewing on your bibs or wet wash cloth,

.: Dislikes- this one is hard b/c you are sooo content and happy…still dislikes the car seat, but mainly only fusses if hungry on the way to our next stop, some certain foods…

.: Eating- kept trying cereal and you’ll finally eat it.  I started with orange veggies, which you like.  Then tried green but you HATE them.  As soon as I put it to your lips you purse your lips together and sometimes even blow!  You seem to like all fruits, but your favorites are carrots, sweet potatoes, & apple sauce!  Still taking a bottle of 6 oz about every 4 hours.

.: Sleeping- going to bed about 8:30 and only waking once about 2 or 4 to eat and right back to sleep. You aren’t really wanting rocked or held anymore (boohoo!) to go to sleep.  You prefer to be laid down with your blanket and the mobile to put yourself to sleep!

.: Misc Facts-

So joyful.  Each time I hear you awake in the crib I go in and you just light up! 

You have very little interest in sitting.  You’re getting better at doing it, but prefer being on your tummy scooting around.

So, there you have it.  He’s officially 1/2 a year old and this mama can NOT believe it!  3 months maybe, but 6 months no way!  The speed at which times goes is just simply not fair.


Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Whew! I think I’ve recovered from my AWESOME weekend!!  Lots of croppin’ + little sleep = productivity!!!  I finished 13 layouts (or 26 pages) for Emma & Aidan’s scrapbooks.  I’m still quite behind, but almost done with 2007!!  Keeping my New Year’s resolution of attending the church scrap nites and another scrap weekend the end of March AND  the fall Cropaganza will hopefully get me close to finishing ‘08 and a start on ‘09!

Here’s some pics of the crop.  It is simply un-B-elievable the chaos of 180 croppers in one room!  The scrapbooking market is obviously booming!! 

180 Croppers in one space…Star marks my location…there were more to the left and right of this picture…couldn’t fit them all in!

Crop Over view

Our Table - Arrow marks my spot…

Our Table

My Scrappy Friends- MIL Peggy, SIL Shelly, Friend Vickie & myself.


The “young” scrappers.  Deb, myself, Kristina, Jen & Kelly.

Scrappy Friends 

Kristina and Jen are my college girlfriends.  We started our scrappin’ adventures when the main scrappin tool was fancy cut scissors!!  Not only did you fancy cut your paper, but your pictures as well!  We’re sooo beyond that kind of scrappin now! (Well except for one layout K tried to do this weekend that involved precious Precious Moments paper…by the end of ganza she had tore it all up and started over!!)  We’re on to bigger and better things like cricuts, stamps, chalks, inks, stickles, white core cardstock, etc, etc.  We are totally pumped about going again this fall and fretted over what life would be like or even if we could exist if we DID NOT make the ganza list! WE shutter to think how scrapified we might become!  K will have a new baby by then and hopefully Jen will be preggers!! (as is ganza tradition for one of us to be…)

Last year when I went I spent most the weekend in shock at all the scrappers, papers, vendors and such…this year was still amazing but I literally focused only on scrapping.  I didn’t really shop any of the vendors, no massage, no pedi or mani, just workin’ my fingers to the bone scrappin!! Here’s an attempt to show some of my work (minus the journal)…

Aidan in the baby show with blind judges…I’m mean obviously he’s a cutie…


Fall & family pics ‘07… 


Emma making Aidan’s Welcome to the World gift…


We arrived to crop at 3pm on Friday and I cropped until 3 am stopping only for supper.  Up by 9 am on Sat and cropped until 3:30 am stopping for lunch and supper breaks.  Up again Sunday at 8:30 and cropped until 1:30 pm stopping to pack up and return home. So much more to do, but catching up on sleep is the order of business now.  Well, that and taxes!!! YUCK!

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