Friday, March 12, 2010

32 Part 2

So to continue on with my post about my fabo birthday…

Before Matt left town he took me to dinner at Chipotle.  So glad my tummy had recovered from IT to be ready for the football burrito! :)

Knowing Matt was scheduled to be out of town my friend Karra [college room mate & bridesmaid in my wedding- mother of 3 crazy cute boys] asked if I’d be interested in getting a sitter and going out for dinner.  Don’t have to ask me twice!!! Sure!  We chose Carrabbas b/c she loves the place and so do I, and Matt doesn’t…so it made perfect sense!  April joined us.  She’s a new friend I’ve met through Karra.  She has taken part in our annual holiday bake day held at Karra’s each December.   Despite the way the photo looks April IS the only one expecting. [5 weeks out to be exact…seriously?? my face was as swollen as her belly when I was that preggo!!] I was however over stuffed on chicken parm & alfrado…AND bread AND salad AND hot fudge sundae. [i didn’t request the sundae…they brought it to me for my bday…i was not about to be rude and turn them away…after all there are starving children in this world so who am I to let food go to waste?!?!]


What a great dinner it was!  I seriously can not recall the last time Karra and I had been together w/out any children. Surely it wasn’t when she was baby shopping prego with Brent??? Was it??? I mean that was 7 years ago! Anyhow we stuffed ourselves with good food and great conversation.

A final shot are the beautiful and cheery flowers Ms. Jocelyn, my daycare princess gave me.  How sweet! They brighten this dreary day! 


Thanks to all the FB well wishes, texts and phone calls.  I’m sure there would have been a few tweets if I were a twitterer but I’m not :)

So here’s to next year!  33.  Never been one for odd numbers.  Have lots of plans to make it a great year full of family, friends & fun…with a bit of working out to reach that goal!


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