Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Day

Appears we had an visitor in the night ;)  The kids had a lot of fun looking at these! Emma kept saying “So he’s really real?!?” :)

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The kids slept till the crack of 2:30 am.  I settled the older two back to bed about an hour later despite the constant barking of the neighbors dogs.  They must have been scared of Santa. ;)  They were up again about 6:30.  Emma by far the most enthusiastic about her gifts and SUPER excited to give the gifts she had gotten us at her school store.

DSC07070 DSC07065DSC07068

She got a Barbie pool, small Barbie house, Barbie swim pool, zebra bean bag & a bride Barbie.  In her stocking was a new “big kid” bible, Ken clothes, pink calculator, & new electric toothbrush. Her favorite the house and accessories.  My concern…when did Ken become a Chip & Dale look alike.  It appears his shirt and pants could be “rip-away” at any given moment.


Aidan was a happy Christmas kid too!  He got 3 activator transformers from Santa, we gave him army men, Buzz backpack, football bean bag & a remote control car.  In his stocking he got mini super heros, books & spiderman tooth brush. 

DSC07059  DSC07076  DSC07067DSC07075

In true Aidan fashion he promptly opened each gift and then placed it high atop the kitchen island so little brother couldn’t touch his stuff.  Later in the day he organized all his army men by type.  :) OCD much?


Once the older 2 ripped into their gifts Isaac realized he too had presents :)  He loved the candy, books & crayons in his stocking.  He also loved his iron man robot and sissy’s bean bag.

DSC07048DSC07062      DSC07078  

He did NOT however love his Chucky Dump truck.  It has about 50 different sayings and movements…it will take off toward you and spin circles.  He’s not a fan.  Should have saved that $30!! :)


During Isaac’s nap we filled up the pool for Barbie to take a dip.


Speaking of dips we thought it would be fun for Daddy to take his first annual Christmas plunge in our pool!! :) It was a HOOOOOT!!!


Once daddy got dry clothes and warmed up we took the kids to the park on their brand new scooters.  Emma was more sure than Aidan…Isaac loved them too! It was a warm sunny day…a little over 70 degrees. Ahhh!

DSC07129 DSC07135DSC07155DSC07131 

He LOVES slipper sliders!

 DSC07136 DSC07139    

Mommy & Daddy joined the fun.

 DSC07148 DSC07149

Mr. Constantly.in.motion

DSC07152 DSC07154DSC07141

Merry Christmas to all!!


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