Monday, January 17, 2011

SEVEN already?

How can it be that she is already seven? My baby girl.  I can still remember the day this family photo seemed “complete”. 


With the request of a zebra and hot pink cake & a little girl that likes to watch Cake Boss the pressure was on to make a classy cake!!  I tried my hand at making marshmallow fondant…which was SUPER easy!!  There were several disasters at making the actual cake (which is the part I had done before with ease!!) and the fondant was a lot like playing with play dough.  Zebra stripes were a super easy task!! The bday girl was pleased and I quote “Wow mom.  You’re as good as Karra!!”  My life’s mission complete!!


We broke our bday rule and had the party at a “kid” location in AZ called Peter Piper Pizza. (picture Chucky Cheese).  I think having it outside the house distracted Emma from the fact that very few people where there!!  Gma & Papa flew in that day, our new neighbors came with their son & daughter that are “A” & “I” age, and one of Emma’s classmates families (minus the actual classmate) came.  They have a daughter “A” age and a son "I” age.

DSC07212 DSC07218

She was a very happy birthday girl!!


Gma, Mommy, Daddy & birthday girl.


Isaac wasn’t sure about his passenger.

DSC07223 DSC07228

To bad we weren’t in Vegas…she hit the 1000 ticket jackpot on the ticket machine!! Yay more tickets for trinkety toys!!


She got to make her own pizza. She loved that!

DSC07230    DSC07238 

Here’s where I crush the hopes & dreams of the Ebay Barbie collector I bought this 1980 something NIB Barbie Fashion design toy.  But look at the excitement on her face!!!

 DSC07244 DSC07245

My reader reading her cards!!  New HAND made barbie clothes Gma bought her.  The detail on them is C.r.A.zY!

DSC07246 DSC07250

Puppy potty training Barbie.  THAT is an interesting toy! Complete with newspaper that turns yellow or brown for the “mess”.


Then comes the agonizing torture fun of spending your tickets at the


Here’s a shot of Emma the next day (as we prepared to go to the Fiesta Bowl parade!!) at the exact moment she turned SEVEN!! 9:25 a.m.


She is a very sweet girl.  Excited to shop & loves any thing fun, colorful, animal print & related to fashion.  She loves to eat meat, hates veggies, can down a salad like no child I’ve ever seen and enjoys chinese food as well.  She has a bit of spunk & sass, yet the tantrums & fits have lessened the older she gets. She adores her baby brother, yet mostly annoyed with they older-little brother. She LOVES her daddy, yet butts heads with him constantly!!  She loves school, “writing” music, making up her own dances and all things crafty.


Red Stethoscope said...

Hello there! I just found your blog and now I'm being a blog stalker and reading through all your archives. :) Just wanted to say that the birthday cake is amazing! I know you said that it was easy to do, but it looks so professional!

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