Sunday, March 6, 2011

Gma & Papa Holiday Visit

Waay past due is this post.  Like so “last year”.

This was the week after Christmas.  The week.O.Emma. Papa & Gma came from KS to help her celebrate turning 7.

Luckily Phoenix hosted a parade for her bday.  The Fiesta Bowl parade. :)

Meet Sheriff Joe & his entourage.


SomeONE plllllease drag me out of AZ if we remain here long enough for me to participate in an old lady pom-pom squad!!  Jealous, you might ask. YES.  Some of these ole gals were in better shape than I am!!!DSC07285

My BIG {coooold} 7 year old.


Kids LOVE the balloons.


A tractor to remind of us “home”.


OU drum line.  Neat pic…but their band paled in comparison to the East coast band of the other team…whom I can’t remember their name :)


Oh…and the boys were there too…


Parade was followed by lunch at her most favoritest place!!DSC07312

Followed by Papa & Daddy going to the Fiesta Bowl game. {no photo as grown men don’t seem to appreciate being subjects of photos}

Sadly Papa had to cut his visit short & daddy went back with Gma b/c Great Gma Zona passed away.  She’s at peace now. Reunited w/ Gpa George Aden after so, so many years. 


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