Monday, May 30, 2011

Ready for Smore Summer Fun??

Our neighbor friends invited us over Monday evening for Smores using their fire pit. MMMmmm good times, good friends & good smores!! Also helps me mark one more thing off the Summer Fun Checklist!!

The group (minus the mommies).

Smores Fun (8)

They almost look scared to start eating…silly kids.

Smores Fun (5)Smores Fun (4)

They were some BIG…no HUGE marshamellows!!!

Smores Fun (6)

They finally got brave & gave ‘em a try!!  Emma enjoyed hers, but Aidan quickly gave up smore eating b/c it would get him…dirty…WHAT?!?!  So like any good mommy I ate the remaining smore as to not let it go to waste. ;)Smores Fun (10)Smores Fun (11)

Isaac preferred his ingredients separate!! :)  All his chocolate & massive marshamellow ended up covered in dirt, sand & grass!! :)

Smores Fun (9)

Thanks to great neighbors & playmates for the kiddos!!

Smores Fun (18)


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