Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Fun List ‘11 Edition

I love me a good list.  I function off lists.  Lists on paper, list on my phone, long term lists, short lists…LISTS!!!  AH the feeling of crossing an item off!! Yippie!! I may or may not be known to write something down just completed so it can be marked off to experience the rush…but I digress from my post. Focus.

I found a neat idea on line to ensure a summer full of fun. So my list began.  Some ideas from the blog post I found, some things I wanted to do with the kids, and a few things I knew we were going to do (hehehe) & maybe even a thing or two we had just done!! (hahaha)

Summer Checklist

So far the list has kept me focused on spending time with the kids & making their summer memorable aaaand maybe a time or two it’s driven me NUTSO b/c Emma has deemed herself “keeper (& nagger) of the list”. :)

We made homemade pizza on the last day of school, went to the zoo Tuesday with our neighbor friends, had a Freddy’s picnic the 1st Friday out of school, had root beer floats tonight & Matt, Emma & Aidan had “yummy” easy bake confections on Monday (below).

DSC08305 DSC08302DSC08246

*Disclaimer we are also participating in laundry conservation or so it appears as my children are neked in most photos taken in the home?!?!??!!


Kristina Scott said...

ummm... where is the "visit NYC with girl friends" on the summer checklist?!

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