Friday, June 10, 2011

Week Review of Summer Fun Checklist

We were able to check off a few more things on our summer fun list the first week or so in June.

Summer Checklist pre trip

Smores as mentioned here.

We met my friend & hair stylist at the splash pad park with her 3 kiddos.  Aidan & her son Brenden…well that’s not really his name…but Aidan insists on pronouncing his name that way…go to story time together at the library. Her youngest “C” is just about the same age as Aidan.  Emma met her oldest “J” & they really hit it off.  “J” is getting ready to go into 4th grade.

6.1.11 Splashpad Fun (2) 6.1.11 Splashpad Fun (6)

They recently started going to our church so it has given the kids even more opportunities to get to know one another.

Their mama I met when I gave her a try doing my hair.  There was a salon in Goodyear near the hotel we stayed in when we moved.  It caught my eye & then I found some of their advertisements which listed a bible verse on the bottom so I thought I’d give it a shot.  Like the atmosphere of the salon & she does a great job on my hair too.  The salon set up & look is VERY similar to my friend Bethany’s salon I went to in Derby. It was after my first hair cut that we bumped into each other at story time in town.  Ever since we have hung out after story time for the kids to play.  Ironically they live with in 5 minutes of us!

We have had both our smores buddies & splash pad buddies over for Pool Parties at our house.  Emma invited a classmate & girl who lives at the end of our street to swim that day. She LOVES having friends over.

6.3.11 Swim Party (2) 6.3.11 Swim Party (7) 

Bubble snakes. I had seen the idea in Family Fun.  You take an empty water bottle w/out lid, cut the bottom of the bottle off (I used a serrated knife), slip a sock over the bottom/now opened end.  Dip in bubble solution & blow into the spout of the water bottle.  It makes fun foamy bubble snakes!!! (Disclaimer- I used fabric squares held on with rubber bands…did not work so well as they kept falling off.  A sock would work better b/c you could pull it up all the way to the “blow hole”)

 6.9.11 bubble snakes (2) 6.9.11 bubble snakes (5)

Go To A Movie was checked off when Emma, neighbor Megan & myself took Emma to see Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer.  It was a cute movie & I learned how much Emma is like Judy Moody!! She is super creative, loves to craft, design & plan things with her friends.  However, they are NOT alike in the area of cleanliness.  Emma hates to be dirty, sticky, mismatched or un-kept. :)  Aidan & Isaac got their movie while in KS. I took them to see Rio. :)


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