Sunday, October 2, 2011

{Jewelry Box} Re-do for 97 cents

I had this old jewelry box from when I was younger.  I hadn’t been using it, and my fashionable 7 year old has her current jewelry box stuffed full and a tangled mess.  So I thought I could repurpose it for her and her hot pink & black zebra room.

I completely forgot to take a true before photo…to anxious to get started.  So imagine this with glass in the doors with a “stained” glass pink rose in the middle. I used Walmart bags & painters tape to protect the fabric lining. Gave it a good coat on all sides with el-cheapo gloss black spray paint. DSC09260

I had planned to put zebra print paper in the doors, but didn’t have any on hand. So, I modpodged polka-dot print onto chipboard and placed it where the glass once was.


My only regret was painting the door pulls and drawer pulls the same color as the whole jewelry box.  Unfortunately there was no way to remove the door pulls and I feared the tiny screws holding in the drawer pulls would strip out if I removed them.

Items used: wal-mart sacs (free), painters tape (had on hand), gloss black spray paint (97 cents), scrap chipboard (had on hand), scrapbook paper & modpodge (had on hand).  Not bad for about a buck. :)

My little jewelry diva is happy…so that makes it worth my time & $. :)


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