Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sea Life Aquarium

Labor Day weekend we sought out some AZ entertainment.  We learned our lesson from last year and went for something INDOORS=cooler.

Located in Arizona Mills mall in Tempe is overpriced Sea Life Aquarium.  We made a day of it considering it’s not often we go to a “traditional” indoor mall like we’re used to from KS.    Did a little shopping, ate at the food court, toured the aquarium & hit up Auntie Ann’s for a pretzel afterwards.

The aquarium didn’t allow flash photography so very few of my pictures turned out.  They kids loved it!  They have always had a fascination with sea animals.


Touching starfish & other animals in the touch tank.


Aidan’s biggest love next to killer whales…stingrays.  They had the BIGGEST rays I’d ever seen.  The tank was not too deep and they had a pier built above it you could go stand on to see from above.

DSC09197 DSC09202

Throughout the aquarium there were “bubbles” in tanks where the kids could look through and feel like they were in with the fish.

DSC09208 DSC09210

Largest crab EVER!!! Matt & Isaac in the tube surrounded by water & fish on ALL sides.  Isaac was not so sure.  Another mother pushed her son through in a stroller.  He was terrified clinging & gripping the edges of the stroller!!

DSC09215 DSC09221

The kids & I were standing behind a “U”  shaped aquarium…no flash = no good photo.  They each LOVED sticking their heads up the aquarium bubbles to see sea life up close & personal.

DSC09224 DSC09229 DSC09237DSC09234  

Not sure if you watched the show Tanked on Animal planet.  Aidan loves anything Animal Planet & sea animals so when this show was advertised he knew he wanted to watch it.  Since it has aired we’ve received several messages from people who know us claiming Matt looks like one of the Tanked guys….what do you think?  Often times in the show the guy (Wade) wears sunglasses on his head just like Matt.  Even some of their mannerisms are the same! Crazy!

 DSC09230 tanked

We concluded our day in the gift shop where each kid picked a small toy.  Aidan got a snake (he calls an eel), Isaac got a stuffed shark, and Emma got a cup with fish on it.  No trip to a mall is complete without an Auntie Ann’s pretzel.  Isaac says “let’s destroy this clean white shirt with cheese sauce!!” :)



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