Friday, September 10, 2010

Laborless Labor Day

We last minute canceled our last minute trip to CA for the long weekend and opted to venture out closer to home.

After a nice bfast at Cracker Barrel we went to the Wildlife World Zoo & Aquarium in Litchfield.   Labor Day Wkend (52)

A short 25 minute drive and we were there.  The kids had a great time and complained very little considering the weather.  I’ll admit there were several times I daydreamed of the 70 degrees going on in CA!!

Aidan was so excited about the curvy palm trees out front of the zoo.

Labor Day Wkend (27)

The Baby Animal Nursery was probably Emma’s favorite attraction. The nursery houses the newest babies at the zoo.  Saturday there were 3 different animals.

Baby Tortoise.  He was the size of a piece of broccoli yet his mother is one of the largest breeds of tortoise there is!!

Labor Day Wkend (13)

Sweet cuddly baby porcupines.

Labor Day Wkend (88)

Baby Tigers that are 3 months old.

Labor Day Wkend (62)

Hands down the favorite for Aidan was the stingray exhibit where you are able to pet stingrays.

Labor Day Wkend (17)  

After a bit Aidan gave it a try and loved it.  If you ask him he’ll tell you ALL about it.  Do not touch their eyes or tummy.  Two fingers down the head and back.  Their stingers have been cut off.  We were there long enough he could repeat  everything the worker was announcing to all the visitors :)

Labor Day Wkend (95)

Here’s video of Aidan…

I even gave it a try.  Ewe.

Labor Day Wkend (68)

Isaac was very interested too!

Labor Day Wkend (121)

Lunch was pretty cool.  There was an on site restaurant where you could eat next to the shark tank!  It was a neat environment, and well…the food…um….was… kid friendly.

 Labor Day Wkend (41)Labor Day Wkend (92)Labor Day Wkend (117)

We fed giraffes.

Labor Day Wkend (6)Labor Day Wkend (55)

Emma & I rode the SkyLine ride to get a aerial view of some animals.

Labor Day Wkend (33)

Labor Day Wkend (8)

From above we could see the train we later rode.Labor Day Wkend (58)

Labor Day Wkend (23)             Labor Day Wkend (99)Labor Day Wkend (98)

These birds were funny.  They followed along the train as it took us through the Africa exhibit.

Labor Day Wkend (126)

Caught two deer type animals fighting as the train went by.

Labor Day Wkend (101)

My sweet baby!  He’s such a trooper on our all day adventures where he sees very little.

Labor Day Wkend (60)

He did LOVE the penguins!!

Labor Day Wkend (46)Labor Day Wkend (71)

Some unique animals to this zoo:

White Tiger

Labor Day Wkend (10)

Albino Alligator

Labor Day Wkend (115)

Emma petting a Star Fish

Labor Day Wkend (70)

Could get very close to these very large porcupines

Labor Day Wkend (110)

Feeding the ducks by one monkey exhibit.

Labor Day Wkend (11)

Aidan hiding behind daddy in the aviary.  He wasn’t sure about all those birds!

Labor Day Wkend (79)

Ride home…sooo tired!

Labor Day Wkend (76)

Home to enjoy the best way to cool off after a hot, dusty, ruining my pretty feet kind of day! :)

Labor Day Wkend            

Overall the zoo was ok.  Kinda pricy in our opinion.  They “brag” about their variety of animals…which they do have a gazillion kinds of deer & birds.  Their tigers & lion had very overgrown exhibits making it hard to see.  In the small mammal building they had some of the same monkeys on display outdoors as well as hamsters, genuine pigs, mice and other basic animals.

Sunday we took it easy.  Attended CCV church north of Phoenix.  Great church, but quite a drive for us to do weekly!  The minister did a great message on Moses…something about how he listened to God’s calling and moved to the desert for 40 years.  Blah.  Blah. Well…I listened to the call, I am here, but certainly hoping I’m called back “home” before 40 yrs!! :)  

Monday Matt started the finishing of our dining room table.  It had seen 9 years of use and was needing refinished.  While preparing to sand in the side yard he found this:

matt's labor day work

It was in one piece before Matt introduced his shovel to the snake. :)  Any good snake is in two pieces in my opinion. :)

I took advantage of some down moments while Matt & Aidan were sanding & staining to do some scrapping :)  I must admit I’m lovin’ the house layout in regards to my scrap/sewing room!!

Hope you had a great vacation weekend!  We certainly missed our traditional Atlanta Labor Day celebration, but the kids were very pleasantly surprised today when they received a bag of goodies from Gma fulllll of parade candy!!


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